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Dr Shona Psychologist


Dr Shona Psychologist Melbourne

  • Dr Shona

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne

    Post Grad Dip (Psych), B.App.Sc (OT), PhD.

    Hart Centre Certified

    • 99B Douglas Parade, Williamstown, Melbourne 3016

    Shona is a highly qualified registered psychologist in Melbourne.

    Shona has over 10 years of experience working with couples, individual and family problems to facilitate secure, honest, and meaningful connections towards resolution of difficult feelings after affairs, disappointments, excessive control, narcissism, depression, anxiety and childhood trauma. Shona is a registered psychologist with extensive training in Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C), an evidence based  approach based on attachment theory, which has been developed and researched extensively for over  20 years.

    Shona’s approach is one of creating a safe environment of warmth, non-judgment and acceptance to explore each person’s unique experiences and concerns. Repetitive behaviours can hold individuals  stuck in negative cycles which can result in feelings of being attacked, criticised, threatened, blamed, hurt, unloved, disconnected or invalidated and immense pain for both people.

    EFT-C is about restoring safety in relationships through intercepting the negative cycle and developing a positive cycle of communication involving acceptance and understanding of each other. This involves assisting individuals to make sense of their own feelings and behaviours as well as their partners and to express themselves through core emotions rather than reactively. The approach is non-blaming, facilitates increasing levels of awareness, responsibility for each person’s behaviours, and has the goal of restoring trust, reconnection and repair of relationship injuries. Couples learn how to express their primary feelings and thoughts while understanding, responding and respecting their partner’s experiences. This enables healing of wounds, less defensiveness, and increased openness to each other. It brings relationships alive in a fresh, new engaging way. Problem solving becomes collaborative and compromise more flexible. Asking for what is needed or wanted from each other within a new pattern of relating enables a sense of security, bonding and closeness. This creates lasting relationship interactions with a strong base to navigate future obstacles, parenting and life difficulties.


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