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Tracy Psychologist


Tracy Psychologist Sydney

  • Tracy

    Registered Psychologist Sydney

    B.A. (Psych)(Hons); M. Comm; M.Psych; MAPS.

    Hart Centre Certified


    Tracy currently works in private practice, specialising in Individual and Relationship Counselling.  She has had specialised training in Couples counselling, Mediation/Conflict Resolution & Psycho-dynamic Therapy. She works with couple breakdowns, infidelity, sexual and porn addiction, divorce and separation.

    Tracy is a highly qualified registered psychologist in Sydney.  She provides assessment and treatment for a wide range of problems including anxiety disorders, depression, stress, addiction, relationship and others. She has worked in both private practice and the public sector, in both research and clinical settings, for over fifteen years.

    She has worked in the areas of Educational, Clinical, Forensic and Organisational Psychology, and has held research, teaching and counselling positions at Westmead Hospital, The University of NSW, and the Applied College of Psychology.  She has also worked in Human Resource Management, where she gained extensive experience in tailored psychological training for groups or businesses on performance improvement. She has led projects/initiatives in Selection, Coaching, Change Management, Outsourcing and Employee Assistance Counselling Programs (EAP’s) in some of the most forward-thinking companies.  She has also worked in Community Mental Health, Organisational/Corporate settings with EAP providers, and with organisations such as Work Cover and private insurance companies.

    Tracy’s professional interest has been in Relationship Counselling, Management of Clinical Disorders; Stress and Anxiety management (including PTSD), Anger Management, the treatment and assessment of Addiction, and the interface of psychology and the law. As a Forensic Psychologist, she has provided medico-legal reports for courts, and conducts assessments for private solicitors, Legal Aid, the Department of Community Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and has also undertaken assessments for the Family Court.

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