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Dulwich Hill


Relationship Counselling Sydney

  • Theodora

    Registered Psychologist Sydney

    BA (Psych); Grad Dip (Psych): Grad Dip (Rel Couns & Fam Therapy), MAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Dulwich Hill
    • Five Dock

    Theodora is a registered psychologist and qualified relationship and family counsellor since 2006. She has worked for non-for profit organisations and the community sector for over twenty years. Theodora see individuals, couples and families, and is also an approved Workcover Provider.


    Theodora is committed to engaging with and working for individuals and couples in the many changes they encounter in their life’s journey.   She assists clients to speak their personal and shared story of their journey. She believes in the central importance of these stories and the narratives within those stories as part of an individual’s search for meaning and understanding. This greatly helps in developing clear communication, understanding the message and engaging the many different perspectives of these stories. This leads to the development of flexible approaches that are suitable to the clients and the stages in their relationship.

    Theodora works with couples on a myriad of issues, for instance, expectation mismatch, poor and/or absent communication, secrecy and openness, addictive behaviours, obsessive behaviour, infidelity, intimacy, gridlocks.

    Theodora also helps clients with psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma, panic disorders, grief and depression. These issues and other complicating factors can be helped enormously with a range of therapies that are employed to empower individuals to move through the blockages they may encounter. Theodora can assist clients to make sense of these psychological issues that arise when significant change occurs in their life.

    Theodora is also an approved Workcover provider, and  works with individuals who encounter workplace difficulties – particularly anxiety, stress, bullying, injury and return to work.

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