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    • Subiaco, WA
    About Renee B

    Meet Renee, a Relationship Coach in Perth. Renee’s journey to become one of Perth’s most sought after Relationship Coaches evolved from her passion of psychology and human behaviour.

    “I saw that clients seemed stuck repeating negative patterns of behaviour from relationship to relationship. With my background I was naturally driven to learn how I could help. I did further research, then travelled to the US to complete a globally recognised Certificate in Strategic Intervention Life and Relationship Coaching.”

    Renee’s coaching certification allows her to help singles and couples whose relationship struggles are negatively affecting their lives. She is renowned for her results-oriented, straight-talking, no-fluff approach that comes from a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you improve your romantic relationships and your life.


    Relationship coaching is ideal for you want to learn and grow from your current and past relationship experiences. Relationship coaching can help if you’re:

    • ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behaviours
    • recovering from infidelity
    • struggling to trust or commit to your partner
    • seeking to discover a new purpose after a relationship has ended
    • new to relationships or have never had a successful relationship
    • preparing for a new relationship for the first time in years.
    • Reconnect and communicate effectively with your partner.


    Renee’s coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs and situation, so the experience is different for everyone. Once you’ve established your goals and identified what success will look like for you, we follow a proven relationship coaching framework.

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?
    1. Provide immediate Results and communication strategies to help clients reconnect in a non-judgmental safe environment.
    2. Identifying and educating the required successful relationship foundations for immediate and future long-term relationship success.
    3. I’m renowned for my results-oriented, straight-talking, no-fluff approach that comes from a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you improve your relationships and your life.
    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    Seeing life changing results and in people both individually and in their romantic relationships.

    I absolutely love meeting and connecting with all people on such a deep personal level to support, coach and guide them to new levels of success, joy and happiness.

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    Identifying individual and personal requirements in each couple that are presenting the underlying contributing factors to the breakdown of their romantic relationships. Working through past events to help people connect and identify with themselves better in order to be a better partner and break unhealthy behaviour and create a new understanding of their relationship and the committed behaviour required for long term relationship success.

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