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Relationship Counselling Perth

  • David

    Clinical Psychologist Perth

    PhD, M. Psych(Clin), BSc(Hons), MAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Nedlands, Perth, WA

    Dr David is an experienced clinical psychologist with a history of helping couples with relationship issues. In his practice he sees men, women and couples wishing to improve their lives and deal more effectively with problems of mood regulation, difficult emotions, life change and substance abuse. The therapeutic approaches that David uses are matched to the needs of the client and the situation. Generally the most useful approach comes under the ambit of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is a versatile new form of cognitive behavioural therapy.

    At the heart of David’s therapeutic approach is respect and a desire to be relevant and useful for the couple. Respect for each individual is paramount and the aim is to help the individual build workable strategies for themselves and the relationship. With many couples who find themselves stuck there are important underlying emotional problems. To help work through these emotionally focused therapy is the most useful. The object of the therapy is to harness the strengths that the client already possesses. This “strength based” approach is vital to making the most of the therapy experience and ensuring a process of continuing growth.

    David is happy to help with a range of difficulties from anger management, porn addiction and substance abuse through to issues concerning physical intimacy. David bases his approach on compassion and understanding. The pathway through to a better future for many individuals and couples requires establishing core values and a clear vision of goals, Working through difficult emotions, assumptions, expectations and “history” is important for most couples. The goal of therapy is to help couples who value their relationship and want to make it work better. Based on his experience he knows this is possible and is positively supportive of any couple that takes the courageous (and wise) step of seeking help. He starts from the position that the relationship is something of great value and as long as it is not destructive for either party can be the most important vehicle for personal fulfillment. David has written a number of articles for medical professionals on the importance of relationships and the importance reaching out to men. David is available for regular sessions as well as telephone and Skype consultations.

    ‘It is in the struggle for a better us that I become a better me.’

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