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Relationship Counselling Melbourne

  • Stuart

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne

    B Arts, G Dip Psych, PG Dip Psych, D Psych, MAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Preston, Melbourne, VIC
    • East Melbourne, VIC

    Stuart is a psychologist with ten years of counselling experience with individual adults and children, couples, and groups in private, educational, corporate and volunteer settings. He has a friendly manner and endeavours to make people feel comfortable and supported in counselling.

    Understanding that people may seek relationship counselling for a range of reasons, Stuart’s first task is to help each individual clarify his or her goals. He attends to the health and wellbeing of each individual in the relationship and does not assume that one or both people want to stay together. If both parties do, Stuart helps them explore the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant aspects of the relationship. These may include communication and conflict management, fairness and power, trust and commitment, managing personality differences or individual mental health concerns, aspects of intimacy, and managing external stressors on the relationship such as finances, parenting, extended family, work, health, fertility issues and addictions. Within the counselling sessions, Stuart fosters mature, respectful and constructive conversations to help the couple communicate and problem-solve more effectively in the ‘real world’.

    In addition to relationship/marriage counselling, Stuart is also available for Pre-Marriage Counselling and Anger Management.

    Or to book an appointment, please call 1300 830 552