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Relationship Counselling Sydney

  • Pam

    Registered Psychologist Sydney

    M Clin Psych; BSSC (Psych)(Hons); BSc Econ, MAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • GLEBE

    Pam  is a registered psychologist who works with individuals, couples and families.  She has worked with people with relationship difficulties for over twenty years in both a personal and workplace context.  She is passionate about helping people with relationship issues, including those who are struggling because of parenting, family or workplace stressors.  Her clinical training also enables her to identify whether there may be mental health or personality issues which are impacting on the relationship.

    Every relationship is unique and therapy starts with an assessment session to gain an understanding of your situation.  We then spend time clarifying your values and goals for your relationship, as well as your goals for therapy.  Following this, sessions then focus on helping you to develop insight into what is both causing and maintaining your relationship difficulties and, then on developing your skills to work through these difficulties, both now and in the future.  This might include communication skills, skills for resolving conflict, parenting skills, stress management, anger management, helpful thinking and healthy coping strategies.

    Pam takes an evidenced based approach to relationship therapy and utilises a range of therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Gottman Relationship Therapy.

    In addition to her relationship work, Pam provides treatment for a range of clinical issues including depression, anxiety (general anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety and panic attacks), obsessive compulsive disorders, binge eating, substance abuse, weight management and workplace related issues.  Pam has specialist expertise in working with children who are struggling with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and behavioral difficulties and is trained in the internationally renowned Cool Kids program for children with anxiety issues.

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