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We are Sydney’s leading marriage counselling specialists

Our speciality is helping to heal marriages and relationships that are in crisis.

We understand how disruptive and emotionally difficult this time is for you both. The quality of your marriage or relationship sets the foundation for everything else in your life. If your marriage is in crisis, the negative effects are widespread.

At the Hart Centre Sydney, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality counselling possible, by our expert relationship psychologists. Each therapist is hand-picked for their experience, empathy and counselling ability.

Marriage counselling and relationship counselling are very specialised fields of counselling, so when looking for counselling, it’s important to find an expert.

Our psychologists are committed to helping you heal – to understand, resolve and move forward. We take a positive approach to marriage and relationship counselling, and ensure that both parties are listened to, understood and supported.

We’ve spent the past 18 years helping over 10,000 couples rediscover their happiness together after having lost their way, through effective relationship counselling.

We’re proud that our specialisation in relationship and marriage counselling allows our psychologists to get to the very root of the problem, so they can guide you and your partner through the particular issues that are causing you trouble, and restore harmony to your relationship.

Whether there’s been a critical incident in your relationship, or your discontent has grown over time, we can help.


Marriage counselling common issues we help with

  Feeling distant and disconnected from your partner

  Lack of sex-drive or mismatched libido’s

  Sexual difficulties

  Lack of shared responsibility in the relationship

  Affairs and infidelity

  A loss of the original ‘spark’

  Re-occurring arguments and fights

  Disagreeing about finances and money

  Imbalances of power in the relationship

  Mismatched values

  Feeling abused or controlled in your relationship

  Communication problems

  Betrayals of trust

  Feeling unloved or neglected by your partner

  Feeling like you’re consistently being taken for granted

  Childhood or past relationship trauma

  Difficulties with commitment

  Parenting difficulties

  Anger issues or anger management

  Lack of physical intimacy and romance

  Porn addiction

  Connection with step children or in-laws

  Pre-marriage preparation

  Difficulties with friends and co-workers

  Issues with narcissism

  Re-occurring toxic patterns

What happens in marriage counselling? Does it work?

It’s true that no two couples are the same, and each one will require a carefully customized approach when it comes to counselling. We’ve helped countless couples over the years and always get their feedback so we can improve and refine our service. Help for marriage counselling Sydney therapy.

The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% claiming that they have found counselling sessions with our trained psychologists and therapists to be helpful for their relationships.

See our video below about what to expect in a counselling session:


Benefits of The Hart Centre

We pride ourselves on providing effective counselling to couples in crisis, and have been a leading psychology group for over 18+ years. We genuinely care about our clients, and are committed to continually improving.

If you’re looking for marriage counselling in Sydney, we offer the following benefits:

  • Sydney’s leading marriage & relationship psychologists and sex therapists
  • 21 convenient locations across the greater Sydney area
  • Quick and confidential booking process – book with one call
  • Professional psychologists and sex therapists with an average of 15+ years experience
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – rare in the counselling industry
  • Specialists in marriage counselling, relationship counselling and sex therapy – not generalists
  • Ongoing training and development by world-class relationship experts, only open to Hart psychologists
  • Appointments available during business hours, after hours and weekends
  • Rebates often available – medicare and private health
  • 93% satisfaction rating from clients

How to book a counselling session

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552 or our Sydney number (02) 5633 9271 and our friendly receptionists will help you.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $180 ($195 for after-hours or weekend sessions, or at any time at the CBD clinics)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.
(please check for details) relationship counselling sydney and couples counselling sydney.

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Rebates Available

You may be able to receive rebates of up to 75% of your session costs.

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We're proud to offer our 100% risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.