Psychologist Interview with Charley (Marriage Counselling Perth)

relationship counselling PerthCharley is a registered psychologist and an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. She has experience as an adult, adolescent, child and couple therapist and is also a trained trauma specialist. She utilises mindfulness on a regular basis and enjoys seeing people transform as they find calm in the midst of chaos.

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  1. What has made you interested in helping couples with their relationships?

I enjoy working with couples. I find the dynamics and the different issues they have interesting. I get a sense of satisfaction in my knowledge and ability to help couples manage their crises.


  1. What are the most common relationships problems that you see in couples coming to you?
  • Infidelity (cheating)
  • Past trauma like childhood sexual abuse interfering with the relationship moving forward
  • Communication
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Anger management
  • Sex (erectile dysfunction, porn or sex addiction)


  1. What would you like clients to know about the couple counselling process before they come in?

I prefer to see partners together from the start. I like to be transparent and will state what I see from the start. I will also tell you at the end of the first session, what I plan to do to help you.


  1. If you had one word of advice for couples with children, what would it be?

One word for parents with children – children are our potential. They are small and powerless but what you give them, they will take into the world to create their own lives. You need to give them what they need to do that and grow with them. What you get back, is personal growth and a good relationship with your children. I always believe children deserve respect and in return you get respected.


  1. What, for you, are the most important things that couples need to remember if they want their relationship to thrive, instead of just survive?

Often people come to therapy when they are on the edge of a crevasse and about to fall in. Although I’m used to this and help to manage the crisis before therapy can begin, it’s important to get to counselling therapy as soon as possible. There are answers that I have that you may not have. There are skills I can give you to improve your relationship and help you be happier with each other. We are relationship experts and have the best therapy for you.


  1. What do you find is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of this work that you do?

I enjoy my work with couples because I feel like I’m in my element. There’s so much going on to take notice of. There’s so many dynamics happening in the therapy room. I find it rewarding when I see the changes take place. I feel best equipped to do couple work than any other type of psychology work.


Marriage counselling Perth

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