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    Dr Ann

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne

    BSc(Hons) (Physiol), BSc(Hons) (Psych), GradDipAppPsych, DPsych (Counselling), MAP

    Hart Centre Certified

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    Specialised Training
    • Men in Therapy by David Wexler
    • Integrating Sexual Issues into Couples Therapy by Barry McCarthy
    • Relationship Therapy Methodologies Program by The Hart Centre
    • Sex and Relationships, Barry McCarthy
    About Dr Ann

    Ann offers online counselling through Skype. Ann is an experienced psychologist in Melbourne.  She is passionate about relationship counselling, and creates strong connections with clients and effective working environments. Her clients feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are ‘in safe hands’, which enables them to open up and share their thoughts and troubles. This then allows Ann to use a variety of practices and techniques to help her clients get to a place that is healthier and happier, and to depart her service to continue their journey on their own. Ann has helped hundreds of people in this way.

    It is of particular interest to Ann to work with people who want to improve their relationships. This has seen her help many couples improve their communication, resolve long-standing disagreements, overcome struggles with sex and intimacy, or ‘simply’ reconnect after having drifted apart. Ann’s interest in relationship work extends beyond romantic relationships to include extended family relationships, relationships at work, friendships and so on. She has also worked with individuals and successfully helped them deal with depression, anxiety, loss and grief, anger, narcissism, indecision, and troubles related to work and career, to name a few. Finally, Ann has led many group programs that have helped people to improve their self-awareness, particularly in the corporate sector.

    Ann likes to partner with her clients and engage them in decisions around the areas of focus, the duration of the work, how progress will be reviewed, and what success looks like. In this way, Ann’s clients are active participants in the therapeutic process and ultimately, in their own healing.  Ann achieves this with clients via face-to-face, SKYPE-based, and telephone-based meetings.

    Having worked as a psychologist for many years, Ann keeps up to date with the practice and application of current psychological techniques. She effectively translates what is known about human psychology into effective practice, tailoring it to the individual needs of her clients so that they understand it as it relates to them and can take it with them into the future.


    Please note: Dr Ann offers online counselling, and does not offer appointments in person. To read more about our Online Counselling options, click here. 

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