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  • Christopher

    Clinical Psychologist Brisbane

    B Sc (Pscyh) (Hons), M. Clin Psych

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Deception Bay
    • Murrumba Downs
    Specialised Training

    I have completed the 4-day externship on Emotion Focussed Therapy conducted by the Australian Centre for Emotion Focussed Therapy (ACEFT).  I have also completed Core Skills A and Core Skills B with ACEFT and have received monthly clinical supervision since 2012 from Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, an ACEFT accredited trainer.  I have also completed EFT oriented training on the effects of Pornography in intimate relationships and several webinars by renowned American Sex therapist and researcher Dr Marty Klein.

    Areas of Interest

    My primary area of interest lies in marriage and relationship therapy, focussing on the effective resolution or recurrent interpersonal conflict from an Emotion Focussed Perspective.  I have experience in the assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunction and this is an area of regular focus in my work with couple’s as well as individuals.

    Christopher is a Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane with a special interest in Relationship and Marriage Therapy.  Early in his career he provided telephone based counselling to children, adolescents and parents (including child behaviour management programs) and later worked in acute mental health settings with Queensland Health.  He then moved into private practice and currently works with individuals as well as couples.

    For couples, Christopher focuses on the underlying needs that are typically unmet when relationships become distressed.  These needs may include a desire to be truly heard and responded to by the individual’s partner, the need for connection, safety and intimacy and sometimes the need for greater autonomy in the relationship.  These personal needs are explored in great depth as when they are unmet relationships become battlefields of characterised by arguments, verbal attacks and withdrawal which leaves both individuals feeling hurt and hopeless about the future.  Christopher typically sees positive results from therapy after a few initial sessions and he primarily follows an Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) approach in his work with couples.  Christopher also uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) approaches.

    Christopher also sees clients for anger management, narcissism, pre-marriage counselling, phone and skype counselling.

    Parking & Accessibility

    The office has extensive parking in front of the building. The building is easily accessed by people with impaired mobility/wheel chairs etc.

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