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Daniela Psychologist Melbourne

  • Daniela

    Registered Psychologist & Hypnotherapist Melbourne

    B.A., Dip.Ed., Dip.Ed.Psych., M.Psych., Clin.Dip.Hyp; MAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Hampton, VIC
    Specialised Training
    • Professional development course related to DSM V
    • Professional development courses in trauma, personality and anxiety and depression management
    • Relational Life Counselling Level 1 by Terry Real
    • Relationship Therapy Methodologies Program by The Hart Centre

    Daniela works with individuals and groups from a wide range of backgrounds. Her private practice has now spanned a period of twenty six years, and her client population ranges from children to adults. She has extensive training in the area of psychological assessment, in addition to her counselling  background, and she currently supervises Psychologists in these two areas. In addition to her therapeutic role, she conducts seminars and workshops for organisations, as well as being a Registered Hypnotherapist.  Her work has extended to working with couples as well as individuals. Her work with couples combines her skills in assessment and counselling as well as psychoeducation.

    Daniela engages in both treatment focused, as well as positive psychology, aimed at enhancing her clients’ abilities. She accesses a range of psychological strategies and treatments to act as a catalyst in her client’s journey of change.  Interventions are targeted to meet the needs of the client.  Cognitive strategies, coupled with insight and behaviour change, are combined to assist clients to meet their goals confidently.  Daniela specialises in working with personality styles, assisting people to not be conflicted in their interpersonal skills, either in friendships, relationships or within the workplace.

    Daniela is a fully trained hypnotherapist, having completed a two year Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis.  She sees clients for relationship counselling, pre-marriage counselling, sexual counselling, porn addiction, narcissism and anger management and provides counselling via skype and phone, as well as face-to-face.

    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    26 years

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?

    My three strengths as a Psychologist start with my process of assessing, diagnosing and then treating any presenting issue that a client brings to the session. I believe I approach my counselling from the Rogerian position of providing a non-judgemental, safe environment, in which the client is provided with unconditional positive regard. This extends into my work with couples.

    Helping individuals to enhance their communication and trust, and thereby heal rifts which have been created in the trust in their relationship, is a focus of my couples work.

    I work at restoring and enhancing goodwill between the individuals who present, and then sharing techniques to ensure that their dynamic is one which resolves future based disturbances to the relationship’s equilibrium.

    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    I remain humbled after 26 years of counselling experience, at being invited into the lives of my clients. I see myself as a catalyst in their process of change, and the most satisfying part of my work, whether it be with individuals or couples, is seeing them resolve areas of pain in the lives. Being able to see these courageous individuals untie their psychological ’knots’ remains a privilege I appreciate daily.

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