Relationship Counsellor

  • Relationship Counsellor St Leonards

    Registered Counsellor Sydney

    MA Sociology, Dipl. Counselling

    Hart Centre Certified

    100% Trust and Satisfaction Guarantee In Relationship
    • St Leonards NSW 2065
    Specialised Training
    • Relationship Counselling & Conflict Resolution (AIPC)
    • Family Therapy (AIPC)
    • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Gottman Institute)
    • The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Dr Ellyn Bader
    • Recognising & Responding to Domestic and Family Violence, CRDVS
    • Compassionate Inquiry, Dr. Gabor Maté’
    • MBSR, Center for Mindfulness
    Areas of Interest

    Young couples, Senior couples, Couples with children, Same sex couples, Couples in business, Extended families/in laws, Blended families/Step-parenting, Parenting, Intimacy, Communication issues, Trauma, Affairs

    Types of Therapy
    • Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
    • Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)
    • Eclectic
    • Gottman Method
    • Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)
    About Psychologist

    This Hart therapist works with individuals and couples who are experiences difficulties in their relationships. These are often linked to lack of emotional connection, resentment, affairs, constant arguments or avoidance patterns. Her approach to couples therapy is one of teamwork. As an energetic and dedicated therapist, she works with couples who are committed to do the work within and outside sessions. Results driven, she supports couples to work towards long-lasting change of unhelpful habits by introducing new ways of listening to each other, feeling safe to express themselves and she guides couples to new ways of communication. She helps couples build a more mindful approach to their relationship.

    In her sessions, she focuses on the health of the relationship as her main focus. She adds insight, care and humour into her sessions. She is an advocate of thoughtfulness and authenticity and she brings her compassionate yet honest attitude in to her sessions as a way of modelling. Where couples decide to separate, she supports both parties’ needs and facilitates a safe space for couples to navigate through that painful process.

    She also works with separated parents who are both committed to establish healthy ways for co-parenting.

    This therapist does not offer mediation.

    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    Over 12 Years

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?

    1. Insightful, experience and warm

    2. Results orientated, practical and active

    3. Good sense of humour, caring and open minded

    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    It’s hard for couples to admit they need help and then open up about the flaws in their relationship. I’m honoured to be invited in at a very vulnerable time of a couple’s life. Working as a team with the couple and seeing a positive shift from the first conversation brings hope and strength. Watching couples leaving my sessions with confidence that they can tackle life stronger and more connected is the best feeling a therapist can experience.

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    I had a couple who already progressed to temporary separation. They had two little boys but didn’t manage to be around each other without either arguing or feeling hurt by the other. They have seen a number of therapists and had really uncomfortable experiences. I first saw them together and as a team we decided that we will continue to have some individual sessions where each side can have a safe space only with me and once ready, when both sides felt stronger and more nurtured with new perspectives and having ‘let the steam out’ we worked as a team on steps to 1. heal from the hurt, 2. learn to talk with each other differently, 3. understand what the other actually means, 4. learn about intentions behind words and actions. The couple has gradually moved closer; first the husband would stay in the house for 2 days and nights in separate rooms, then we expended the days to half a week and eventually both sides were ready to move in back together. They have grown strong as a couple and have continued seeing me for parenting techniques. This couple still thrives and likes to “check in with me” a couple of times a year when a new challenge overwhelms them.

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