Natascha Psychologist


Natascha Psychologist Brisbane

  • Natascha

    Registered Psychologist Brisbane

    B Soc Sci (Psych), B Soc Sci (Hons), AMAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Spring Hill, Brisbane CBD, QLD
    Specialised Training
    • Transformation through Intimacy by Robert and Dianne Masters
    • Men in Therapy by David Wexler
    • EFT & Affairs by Jenny Fitzgerald
    • Integrating Sexual Issues into Couples Therapy by Barry McCarthy
    • Relationship Therapy Methodologies Program by The Hart Centre
    • Couples and Asperger’s Syndrome Counselling Skills and Strategies, Tony Attwood
    • Sex and Relationships, Barry McCarthy

    Natascha has been practising as an individual and relationship counselling psychologist for 23 years and is passionate about working with clients, empowering each person to reach their full potential and live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life.

    Natascha has a particular strong interest in relationship issues, marriage therapy, family therapy, anxiety, anger management, same sex relationships, sexual issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, desire issues, porn addiction, depression and trauma.

    Natascha enjoys working with individuals who present with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, work place issues and parenting difficulties.

    Natascha has a very gentle, caring, warm and calm nature that assists her in working with both individuals, and people struggling in a relationship to work towards being a healthier individual within that relationship or family. She tailors her approach for each client depending on what it is the client hopes to gain from participating in therapy.

    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    23 years.

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?

    I am emphatic, able to think creatively in a therapeutic setting and able to raise challenging points with clients gently in a way that allows the client to hear the information.

    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    Being blessed with the privilege of sharing in the client’s most vulnerable areas of their life and assisting them towards making healthy, sustainable changes.

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    A couple who had been together since teenage years, married for twenty plus years, who were experiencing difficulties in connecting emotionally and intimately. The couple were contemplating separating. Assisted this couple to build understanding in their relationship about each person’s position to improve their intimate, emotional connection.

    Parking & Accessibility

    The clinic is conveniently located one block from Central train station on Wickham Terrace and a few minutes walk from the CBD and Queen Street mall. A Council car park is located a short walk from the building and there is Parking stations located on Astor Terrace.

    Or to book an appointment, please call 1300 830 552