Sydney CBD (Elizabeth St)


Relationship Counselling Sydney

  • Alinda

    Relationship Counsellor & Sexual Health Therapist

    B. Psych Sc.

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Sydney CBD
    Specialised Training
    • Masters in Medicine Science and Sexual Health, Medical School-University of Sydney (complete Sept 18).
    • Gottman Clinical Training Level 1 and Level 2, New York City, 2016/17
    • Gottman Clinical Training- Treating the Trauma of Infidelity, August 2018.
    • Dr Margalis Fjelsted- Healing the family members of people with Borderline PD and NPD, May 2018.
    • Dr John Arden- Brain Therapy and Neuroscience, Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Brain, June, 2018.
    Areas of Interest
    • Sexual health and dysfunction- ED, PE, DE, Low Desire/Libido, vaginismus, porn addiction, compulsive hyper sexual behaviour, fetishes, paraphilia, STI’s.
    • Infidelity, sexual trauma/abuse.
    • Same sex couples.
    • Partners of NPD, BPD.

    Alinda has a background in Medical Science and a Psychology Degree. She brings her maturity, experience and training in both the Health Sciences and Psychology to assist clients. Alinda has been involved in the care and management of clients for many years and provides a professional, safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Delivering client focused therapy, where the treatment and care is aimed at each individual, wishing to improve their mental health, relationships and make changes in the right direction.

    Working with individuals who may need to create a better work-life balance, need tools to help mange anger, struggle to maintain relationships, recovering from a broken relationship, moving on from loss, separation, divorce and stress management and sleep improvement are all areas where Alinda can assist. Additionally she has experience working with couples offering improved communication skills, support in the recovery from infidelity, reigniting desire and mismatched libido and many other relationship concerns.

    Alinda is a Sexual Health Therapist and member of ASSERT (Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists) and ISSHM (International Society of Sexual Heath).  Sex Therapists are qualified counsellors and healthcare professionals who have had extensive training in human sexuality. Alinda is due to complete her Masters in Medicine Science and Sexual Health through the University Of Sydney in November 2017, and continues to increase her clinical knowledge with further research and training. She has extensive clinical experience with Erectile Dysfunction, performance anxiety, delayed and premature ejaculation, porn and sex addiction, and painful sex or Vaginismus.

    Sexual issues can often cause distress and conflict in relationships and sex therapists can assist with these difficulties. As a qualified Sex Therapist, Alinda uses specialised clinical skills and theoretical knowledge to help people deal with sexual difficulties or concerns.

    Clients can expect her mature, professional and clinical experience to aid them in achieving the goals desired. A focus on result driven therapy has provided many others with success, and her ability to create a comfortable environment to discuss intimate and personal issues is of great value and importance.


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