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Sex Therapy

  • Alinda

    Relationship Counsellor & Sexual Health Therapist

    BPsychSc.; MMedScSH (Uni Syd)

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Sydney CBD
    Specialised Training
    • Masters in Medicine Science and Sexual Health, Medical School-University of Sydney .
    • Gottman Clinical Training Level 1 and Level 2, New York City, 2016/17
    • Gottman Clinical Training- Treating the Trauma of Infidelity, August 2018.
    • Dr Margalis Fjelsted- Healing the family members of people with Borderline PD and NPD, May 2018.
    • Dr John Arden- Brain Therapy and Neuroscience, Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Brain, June, 2018.
    • “How to work with the traumatised brain” – National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine (NICABM), Sep 2019.
    • Working With Men- Terry Real RLT training, July 2019.
    • EMDR Skills for Trauma, Dr Jennifer Sweeton
    Areas of Interest
    • Sexual health and dysfunction- ED, PE, DE, Low Desire/Libido, vaginismus, porn addiction, compulsive hyper sexual behaviour, fetishes, paraphilia, STI’s.
    • Infidelity, sexual trauma/abuse.
    • Same sex couples.
    • Partners of NPD, BPD.
    Described by Hart clients as:
    • Good reflective listener
    • Compassionate
    • Non-judgemental
    • Honest
    • Personable approach

    Alinda has a background in Medical Science and a Psychology Degree. She brings her maturity, experience and training in both the Health Sciences and Psychology to assist clients. Alinda has been involved in the care and management of clients for many years and provides a professional, safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Delivering client focused therapy, where the treatment and care is aimed at each individual, wishing to improve their mental health, relationships and make changes in the right direction.

    Working with individuals who may need to create a better work-life balance, need tools to help mange anger, struggle to maintain relationships, recovering from a broken relationship, moving on from loss, separation, divorce and stress management and sleep improvement are all areas where Alinda can assist. Additionally she has experience working with couples offering improved communication skills, support in the recovery from infidelity, reigniting desire and mismatched libido and many other relationship concerns.

    Alinda is a Sexual Health Therapist and member of ASSERT (Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists) and ISSHM (International Society of Sexual Heath).  Sex Therapists are qualified counsellors and healthcare professionals who have had extensive training in human sexuality. Alinda is due to complete her Masters in Medicine Science and Sexual Health through the University Of Sydney in November 2017, and continues to increase her clinical knowledge with further research and training. She has extensive clinical experience with Erectile Dysfunction, performance anxiety, delayed and premature ejaculation, porn and sex addiction, and painful sex or Vaginismus.

    Sexual issues can often cause distress and conflict in relationships and sex therapists can assist with these difficulties. As a qualified Sex Therapist, Alinda uses specialised clinical skills and theoretical knowledge to help people deal with sexual difficulties or concerns.

    Clients can expect her mature, professional and clinical experience to aid them in achieving the goals desired. A focus on result driven therapy has provided many others with success, and her ability to create a comfortable environment to discuss intimate and personal issues is of great value and importance.


    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    Over 20 years experience working with patients and clients in a clinical setting- both in the counselling arena and medical science.

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?

    Empathy, the ability to guide, make changes and move in a positive direction for growth. My medical science background gives me advanced medical knowledge that in unison with psychology provides not only a greater understanding but a holistic approach.

    Completing my Masters has also added to my knowledge and qualifications in relationships, love and sexual health both with couples and with individual clients.

    Additionally further training with professionals like Drs John and Julie Gottman (level 2 clinical training) and Terry Real allows practical clinical methodologies to applied. My commitment to further academic study, increasing my knowledge benefits clients- on an ongoing and ever increasing awareness of research and greater understanding of human behaviour.

    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    My most satisfying part of the role is making a difference to peoples lives, seeing personal growth in clients and results achieved. Additionally providing a safe, non judgemental space where clients feel comfortable is a great privilege.

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    A couple who felt that there was no path for forgiveness, afraid and uncertain of the future -not only gained skills that allowed them to redefine their relationship- and create and new authentic space, but to watch them fall in love all of again. As the client commented- they were not only falling deeper in love, but were enamored by their partner. This is not an isolated event but certainly one that made me feel privileged to witness.

    Parking & Accessibility

    The CBD has many parking stations close by- office is also walking distance from Town Hall, Museum and St James station.

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  • Iman

    Couples Therapist Sydney

    BSW (Hons), Grad Dip (Applied Science.)

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Sydney CBD
    Specialised Training
    • Bridging The Couple Chasm: Level 1 Gottman therapy
    • Assessment, Intervention and Co Morbidities: Level 2 Gottman Therapy
    • Practicum training: level 3 Gottman therapy
    • Discernment Counselling: Decision making for couples on the brink of divorce
    • Developmental Model for Couples Therapy: Level 1- Introduction
    • Developmental Model for Couples Therapy: Level 2- Advanced Training
    • Master Mentoring program in Developmental Model for Couples Therapy- training and supervision of therapists
    • Emotionally Focussed Therapy level 1 Externship
    • Relational Life Therapy Level 1 – Terry Real
    • Collaborative Couples Therapy
    • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- MTIA teacher training
    • Trauma Sensitive mindfulness training.
    • Body Wisdom Therapy
    Areas of Interest
    • parenting (young children/teenagers)
    • young couples
    • couples with young families
    • new parents bringing baby home
    • senior couples
    • extended families/in-laws
    • cultural differences
    • affairs
    • grief and loss/trauma
    • anxiety
    • depression

    Iman is fortunate enough to have 3 qualifications- counselling, applied science and an aspect of science devoted to human factors and the manifestation of mental health issues to bodily symptoms.

    Having being a corporate manager of safety and wellbeing in past years, makes Iman intimately familiar with the competing demands of corporate life, stress, deadlines and how work-life imbalance, inevitably impacts private relationships. Incorporating mindfulness skills in relationships helps.

    Iman’s career progression from work with dysfunctional teams and poor interpersonal communication to teamwork between intimate couples was natural. Our interpersonal relationships are pivotal to happiness.

    She loves learning, reading, writing, formal study and is a keen observer of humans and relationships.

    Iman takes a collaborative and learning approach to work with couples. Each relationship is unique and a human’s individual needs and goals for their relationship matters. She helps couples chart a way forward to get out of being stuck and stop fighting and to build connection, bonding and achieve their goals. Enough loneliness, distance and disengagement!

    Iman is trained in multiple therapeutic modalities… because her work as a couples therapist is one of her passions. She supervises and trains therapists in the Developmental Model of couples therapy.

    She is a discernment counsellor and she loves helping couples make that very important decision – to stay or go. Iman is a specialist in this field as she has facilitated teams making complex decisions.

    For couples who are uncertain about whether to divorce or not, Iman can facilitate the decision making process, on this important matter. Building trust and good communication are paramount to successful relationships. She helps to build greater connection and care between couples who choose to stay together or to separate amicably, if staying together is not the goal.

    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    Greater than 10 years as a couples therapist and over 20 years working with people in teams.

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?
    1. A tailored and step by step approach
    2. Insightful
    3. Solution focused
    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    Couples work is very rewarding. What I really love is the aha ! pivotal moments which couples have in our work together. These are the pivotal moments that turn a relationship around,  get couples unstuck and move them closer to their goals. They get to understand each other at a deep level.

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    A couple with 3 kids on the brink of divorce. They were fighting daily and the distance between them was growing. Initially they were hesitant to come as they were busy and had already tried 3 other therapists. First phase of treatment was deciding whether to stay or go. Second phase was rebuilding love and maintain rituals of connection.

    This couple still sends regular emails full of gratitude. I helped them do some hard work and save their marriage.

    Parking & Accessibility

    Short stroll from St James station, Wynard and St James Station.

    Ample buses on Elizabeth and Castlereagh st.

    Or to book an appointment, please call 1300 830 552