Mosman (Military Rd)


Relationship Counselling Sydney

  • Jeanne

    Clinical Psychologist Sydney

    B A Hons, M Psych Clin, PhD, MAPS, M College Clin Psych

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Mosman, Sydney, NSW
    Specialised Training
    • Secrets, Cybersex & Infidelity, Addiction, Trauma & Forgiveness by Janis Abrahms Spring
    • Transformation through Intimacy by Robert and Dianne Masters
    • Relationship Therapy Methodologies Program by The Hart Centre


    Jeanne is a Clinical Psychologist with many years’ experience with relationship counselling in Sydney as both a counsellor and psychotherapist, first in a voluntary capacity and then as a clinician. She works with adults and young people from different cultures and social backgrounds and particularly likes to work with couples and relationships.

    Jeanne believes relationships are so important. We are born into a relationship (the mother-child relationship) and we are programmed to attach ourselves to others, to want to give and receive love, and to expect that throughout our lives. We are social beings.

    No matter how strong we are as individuals we will cope better and be more resilient if we have the support and love of one or more significant others.

    And yet in our culture, with its emphasis on individual achievement and competitiveness, there is a lot of loneliness and difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships. Many people can benefit from a helping hand in this area…She believes that most people have the capacity to find healing in themselves and to make better relationships… if only they can access the help that they need.

    In addition to relationship/marriage counselling Sydney and pre-marriage counselling, Jeanne provides assistance for porn addiction and narcissism.

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