Quiz Results Sex Life Incorrect

Your Quiz results

Some of your answers were incorrect.

In fact, every one of the statements were false.


Here they are again, so you can go through them:

  1. Sexually, the happiest time is the first 6 months of marriage
  2. Affection is primarily the woman’s domain and intercourse the man’s domain
  3. Same-sex friends give the most honest, helpful advice about marriage and marital sex
  4. Over 90% of women have orgasm during intercourse, eg vaginal orgasms
  5. “G” spot orgasms and multiple orgasms are the most satisfying
  6. Children should have no effect on your sex life
  7. For a good sexual interaction a man must have an erection
  8. Even if you truly love your partner, sex is sometimes monotonous
  9. Children’s needs should always have priority over parent’s
  10. It is wrong to have sexual fantasies during intercourse
  11. If a man loses his erection it means he doesn’t find his partner attractive
  12. If your partner masturbates it usually means there is something wrong with you
  13. When a man gets an erection it is bad for him not to use it straight away
  14. All men should be able to last long enough during intercourse to satisfy their partners
  15. A woman who says she doesn’t need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex is probably lying
  16. All women are capable of multiple orgasms
  17. Lack of vaginal lubrication always means a woman is not aroused
  18. If sex therapy has worked, sex will be like it used to be when you first met
  19. In a good relationship partners will never be attracted to people outside the relationship
  20. There is a normal level of sexual frequency
  21. With penis size, the bigger the better
  22. A man who is a good lover can last a long time during intercourse
  23. During sex the male is responsible for his partner’s arousal and orgasm
  24. If your partner really loves you, you don’t need to tell them what you like and need
  25. Men must always be active during sex and women should be passive
  26. If a woman asks for or initiates sex, she is over-sexed
  27. A man who doesn’t initiate sex is abnormal
  28. Sex must always be ‘super sex’ otherwise there is something wrong with the relationship
  29. As you get older you lose interest in sex and can no longer do it
  30. A woman who doesn’t initiate sex is not interested in sex
  31. The best way to keep your erection is to try as hard as you can
  32. You cannot force yourself to be interested in sex
  33. Men are always horny and ready for sex
  34. A woman should always be sexually interested and available whenever her partner is
  35. Intercourse is the only grown up, real form of sex
  36. You can’t participate in lovemaking and enjoy it unless you feel horny
  37. Sex should always end in orgasm
  38. A couple should reach orgasm at the same time
  39. Sex must be spontaneous – planned sex is boring
  40. My partner should be interested in sex when I

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