How To Quit Porn

How To Quit Porn

When you decide to quit porn, it is usually because you have made an active decision to have something better in your life; a deeper relationship with your partner, a sense of personal integrity and a desire to be respected by your family and the community.

The decision to quit porn is a positive life affirming milestone in a person’s life. It represents a new level of self-responsibility and maturity.

But, it is not an easy process and does require commitment and professional help, as it is almost impossible to change and maintain the changes over time on your own.

With the help of a Psychologist, there are 9 stages or strategies that are essential to your quitting the porn habit:

  1. Acknowledging how porn has caused you problems
  2. Identifying what matters to you most
  3. Facing your fears
  4. Taking responsibility for your own recovery.
  5. Creating a porn free environment
  6. Resolving underlying wounds and unresolved issues
  7. Establish support and accountability
  8. Taking care of your physical and emotional health
  9. Start healing your sexuality and rebuild your sexual relationship with your partner


How Normal Is It To Watch Porn?

For many men, porn’s promise of easy, commitment free, sexual gratification can be just too hard to resist, when pornographic images, videos and chats  are available any time of the day or night.

And while very occasionally watching porn has no ill effects on relationships, many users of porn are often surprised at how easily porn use can change from an occasional diversion or fantasy to an habitual problem that has the potential to destroy almost every aspect of their real lives.

So how normal is it to watch porn?

View our video below to find out.