INFOGRAPHIC: The 11 major signs that your relationship is going downhill

INFOGRAPHIC: The 11 major signs that your relationship is going downhill

If you have more than 3 of these happening in your relationship, be warned that your relationship is slipping away from you, so be proactive and get help now before it’s too late.

1. Are there more negative comments you make to your partner, (or your partner makes to you) than positive comments?
2. Has your sex life become unsatisfactory for either of you?
3. Do you have at least 1 major argument or “the silent treatment” weekly on average?
4. Do you spend less than 30 mins each night talking with each other, and not just about the kids and the day, but in particular about how you each are feeling, what you are wanting and dreaming about?
5. Do either of you feel taken for granted by your partner?
6. Does your relationship feel like it has completely lost its spark and/or fun?
7. Is one partner avoiding the relationship by being overinvolved in their work, hobbies or drinking?
8. Is there a lack of physical affection in your relationship?
9. Is there an imbalance in the amount each of you contribute to the overall running of your household and/or family?
10. Are either of you looking with interest at other people outside the relationship?
11. Has it been longer than 3 months since you have had a date night just to yourselves?






How helpful can relationship counselling really be?

At the Hart Centre we ask our clients to give us feedback on how helpful their sessions have been for them.

As of 2nd September 2016, 94% of our respondents have told us that their counselling has been helpful and worthwhile for them and their relationship.

Here’s some other things couples have told us that they have found they liked about their sessions with our Psychologists:

  • They appreciate being able to get clear about, and speak about what has been bothering them, in an environment that is listening and caring and non judgmental.
  • They also find it very helpful to get insight and a fuller understanding about the dynamics that are operating in their relationship that they weren’t aware of.
  • They like having the opportunity to communicate in a healthier manner, and to better understand where their partner is coming from.
  • They appreciate finally being able to resolve long standing issues that they didn’t know how to resolve.
  • They like coming to someone who won’t not let the power balance get out of hand.
  • They find it helpful to be held accountable for making positive changes to the relationship.
  • They like being able to learn new things about how to make their relationship good, and to create hope for having an even better relationship than they have ever had before.
  • They appreciate having the opportunity to learn new relationship skills that they have never had the opportunity to learn before.
  • They love the renewed feelings of love they now feel for their partner that they thought were lost forever.


There are occasions where each partner of a couple comes to counselling with differing wants from the process, for example, one partner may want to work on the relationship and the other wants to leave it.

On these occasions, we do our best to honour both needs while also exploring what deeper needs there may be, and encouraging partners to explore all possibilities before ending the relationship.
So there is real hope for improvements in your relationship if you can just take the first step. We will help you explore the full potential of your relationship, beyond what you have known to date, no matter how difficult it might seem at the moment.

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