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Tecoma (Belgrave)


Relationship Counselling Melbourne

  • Cheryl

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne 

    B.Psych (Hons 1st), B.App.Sci. (Health Sci: Hons 1st), Assoc MAPS, Member MAREAA,

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Tecoma (Belgrave), Vic

    Cheryl is passionate about couples counselling. Her sincere and genuine desire to assist individuals and couples in creating stronger, healthier and more satisfying relationships has been her guiding motivation for almost two decades of working in the field of relationship psychology.  Described by both clients and colleagues alike as warm, open, personable and compassionate, Cheryl’s relaxed style promotes a comfortable, yet safe, environment within which to explore your relationship issues.

    Having trained directly under the tutelage of Drs John & Julie Gottman in the Gottman Couples Therapy Method, Cheryl utilises an up-to-date, evidence-based approach to her work with clients whilst drawing upon other key relationship therapies including emotion-focused, attachment, cognitive-behavioural and psycho-dynamic.  Importantly, Cheryl’s understanding of the connection between psychological experiences (for example depression, anxiety and anger) and relational problems provides Cheryl with a holistic perspective to gently, but effectively, support individuals and couples to understand and manage their emotional pain.

    As a registered psychologist and relationship coach, Cheryl has supported individuals and couples  to repair and/or enhance their relationships at all stages of life including:  pre-marriage; transitioning into parenting-hood or blended families; re-partnering and rebuilding after separation;  recovering from an affair;  or working to reconnect and renew the ‘spark’ that brought them together in the first place.  To this end, Cheryl has worked extensively in coaching clients with communication skills, assertiveness coaching, and anger management.  A shared exploration of differing perspectives and the introduction of new psychological and relational strategies have been empirically shown to re-establish hope, even in what feels like a grid-locked position over long-term, seemingly unsolvable issues.

    Cheryl is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society and is recognised as a leading practitioner in the field of marriage and relationship counselling.  She has served on several community bodies including the editorial advisory board of ‘Threshold’ (Australia’s leading journal of marriage and relationship education), the national committee of Marriage and Relationship Educators’ Association of Australia (MAREAA), and as a senior manager and psychologist in one of Victoria’s largest not-for-profit relationship counselling agencies.  Cheryl welcomes telephone and skype counselling for clients who prefer these modalities, or are unable to personally attend face-to-face sessions.

    Or to book an appointment, please call 1300 830 552