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Our Pre Marriage Counselling Courses have been designed using 20+ years of marriage counselling experience to dramatically increase your chance of a happy, successful marriage. Pre Marriage Counselling.

pre marriage counselling

Finally finding your special partner, getting engaged and preparing for blissful married life together is often one of life’s greatest treasures. But unfortunately, we live in a society where, as the statistics now tell us, nearly half of all marriages fail (with all the pain and emotional and financial fallout that that creates). Pre Marriage counselling course.

It’s very easy for couples to get swept up in the excitement of getting married, without preparing themselves and their relationship for the effort and commitment a marriage needs to survive and thrive.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could dramatically increase your chance of a really happy marriage, and protect yourselves from that disappointing decline once the honeymoon is over?

Our Pre Marriage Counselling Courses have been specifically designed by Relationship Psychologist and Owner of The Hart Centre, Julie Hart, for engaged couples who want to give their marriage the best possible chance of success.

Having counselled thousands of couples in troubled marriages over 20 years, Julie and her group of 75+ relationship psychologists have collectively identified the key issues and areas where you are likely to have difficulties once you are home from your wonderful honeymoon.

The biggest of these are the assumptions and expectations that we all have but don’t talk about with each other before we marry or move in together.

The next biggest factor is knowing how to openly communicate what we think and feel with each other.

And here’s the thing – not many of us have had these skills modelled to us; we just try to pick up them up on our own. So that’s where we come in to help.

We are big believers that prevention is much better than cure. So, from our decades of experience, we have identified the key issues and areas that cause the most troubles once you are married and condensed them down into our Pre Marriage Questionnaire.

This questionnaire serves as a comprehensive blueprint, designed to help you both explore your potential hot spots, strengths and weaknesses, to give you the best chance of marriage success.


Using this questionnaire, we offer 2 types of Pre Marriage Counselling Courses:

1. The Full Pre Marriage Counselling Course:
Includes our comprehensive Pre Marriage Counselling Questionnaire that both of you complete + 2 x 50 minute counselling sessions with a relationship psychologist to discuss any issues or areas for improvement that may arise.
Cost is $350 – $440, depending on location and session time.

Our Full Pre Marriage Counselling Course is offered by our Relationship Psychologists with many years’ experience in relationship counselling, so you are in safe and experienced hands. If you find that any relationship issues arise in this context (which occasionally happens), they can be resolved during the process.

We also ensure that your communication skills are what they need to be for you to continue to have a healthy relationship over the longer term – one of the best investments you can make in your future happiness.

Download the Pre Marriage Course Brochure here: Pre Marriage Insight Program Flyer


2. Pre Marriage Questionnaire Digital Download only:
Includes our comprehensive Pre Marriage Counselling Questionnaire as a digital download. This is designed to be printed out by each of you, filled in separately, then discussed together. No counselling sessions are included.
Cost is $66 and is an instant pdf download.

The Pre-Marriage Questionnaire

This comprehensive questionnaire contains 99 questions covering the key areas that cause the most issues for couples once they’re married. It is designed specifically for you to get clarity on where…
$6.00 (tax)
Total: $66.00

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Our comprehensive questionnaire contains 99 questions covering the key areas that cause the most issues for couples once they’re married. It is designed specifically for you to get clarity on where you both stand on the important issues – the issues that most people carry unspoken assumptions and expectations about.  If you are unable to resolve any of the issues that arise from completing the questionnaire, you are welcome to book in a session or 2 with a psychologist to assist.

Question topics:

  • Living Arrangements
  • Finances
  • Children
  • Careers
  • Extended Family
  • Friends
  • Holidays and Leisure
  • Home
  • Future Plans
  • Future Flexibility
  • Values
  • Political Views
  • Health
  • Energy Levels
  • Personality
  • Instinctual Type
  • Quality Time Together
  • Sex
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Positive Focus
  • Trust
  • Awareness and Growth
  • Things I’ve Learnt About Myself From Past Relationships
  • Communication
  • Towards the Commitment of Marriage

Just a few of the questions include:

  • What of our assets and income will be considered joint and what will be mine?
  • What debt or other financial commitments am I bringing into this marriage? Will these be shared or my sole responsibility?
  • How many children, if any, would I like to have?
  • Do I have plans to care for our ageing parents? If so, how?
  • How willing am I to move if need be?
  • Am I happy with how often we make love or have sex?
  • How similar are my religious or spiritual beliefs with those of my partner?
  • What are my non-negotiables in the relationship? (E.g. I must have my desk to myself; I must be able to eat health foods)

Click here to purchase the Questionnaire or use the widget below.

With these two options, couples can choose which option best suits their relationship and budget.


Our Pre Marriage Counselling Courses will help you:

pre marriage counselling

  • Bring out into the open, and jointly develop your hopes, expectations and assumptions about all aspects of your future life together. These include what type of relationship you want, living arrangements, finances, children, careers, sex, extended family, growth, energy levels, personality differences, holiday and leisure, home, quality time together, flexibility, and non-negotiables.
  • Talk through and resolve the many differences and any issues that are present in almost all relationships, before they escalate (which they usually do).
  • Learn to communicate in ways that allow you to speak your mind and also listen to your partner, and resolve even the toughest of difficulties, without resorting to arguing, or withdrawing. (This is such an essential, and not many of us have been taught these skills)


How to get started:

The Full Pre Marriage Counselling Course:

Once you decide on our full Pre Marriage Counselling Course, we start by booking you in for your first session with one of our experienced Relationship Psychologists. Once you’re booked in, we email you our comprehensive questionnaire for you each to print out, think about, complete and take with you to your first session.

On occasions where you have more complex issues, you may decide to continue these sessions to comfortably resolve any problems before getting married.

In-house, Phone or Skype Sessions are 50 mins.

COST: Two sessions are required to complete the program, and each session ranges from $175 – $195 (each session is 50 mins). Total cost is $350 – $440.

Private Health Insurance Rebates DO apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply (please check for details).

To book, please call our receptionists on 1300 830 552.


The Pre Marriage Questionnaire Digital Download:

If you’d like to proceed with the Questionnaire only, you can purchase it and download it immediately here:

The Pre-Marriage Questionnaire

This comprehensive questionnaire contains 99 questions covering the key areas that cause the most issues for couples once they’re married. It is designed specifically for you to get clarity on where…
$6.00 (tax)
Total: $66.00

We recommend setting aside 2 hours to complete the course. Print 2 versions of the questionnaire, and have each of you fill it out separately, being as honest as possible. Once you are both finished, sit together and go through your answers to each question, discussing any similarities or differences that arise.

COST: Total cost is $66.

Private Health Insurance Rebates do not apply to your purchase of the Questionnaire.

You’re welcome to book any additional sessions with one of our relationship counsellors if the need arises by calling our friendly team on 1300 830 552.

The most fun, productive way to ensure your marriage will be built to last.

“Julie. I can’t thank you enough. To be honest, I got dragged along by Fiona, and didn’t think we needed it, but it gave me a chance to bring up some things that had been really bothering me, and now they are almost sorted. I would never have thought it could have been so productive. Thanks again”.  Joshua and Fiona.

“Well, your questions certainly created a few heated discussions that we hadn’t had before. But I guess it’s better out than in. Because of our discussions, we know now where our hot spots are, and are working on them. Thanks for the insight. It may have taken us years to find them out.”  Michelle and David.

“I didn’t know how much my withdrawing was creating such a communication problem in our relationship. I have always blamed Karen’s arguing. Thank you for your unbiased help and advice. So good to know before we start having kids and things really start stressing us out”  Alan and Karen.


Celebrant Resources:

Are you a celebrant needing brochures? Download our Full Pre Marriage Course Brochure here. Pre-Marriage-Insight-Program-Flyer

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