Pre Marriage Counselling

Our Pre-Marriage Program has been redesigned into a free, do-it-yourself questionnaire: The Right Match

pre marriage counselling

The Right Match is a free, do-it-yourself couples’ questionnaire by The Hart Centre, specifically designed for couples wanting to future-proof their relationship, and determine their true compatibility.

Backed by 20+ years of couples’ Psychology, from Australia’s leading couples therapy group.

At The Hart Centre, our mission is to help people find their way back to love.

And this love, takes many forms over many different relationships. There is not one right way, but it’s a personal decision made by only the individuals involved.

Relationships have evolved in many wonderful ways, and there just isn’t one way to commit to one another anymore. Many people decide to have children together but never get married, or, to buy a house first, or move to another country together.

All of these (and many more) acts of commitment are important, and should be valued as a special gift to one another.

If you’re looking to future proof your relationship and give it the best chance possible, we’ve made our previous Pre-Marriage Program questionnaire now available for free, for whichever type or combination of commitment you may be facing.

Maybe you’re considering…

  • Moving away together
  • Getting married
  • Having children together
  • Moving in together
  • Blending step-families
  • Buying a house together
  • Or just wanting peace of mind

Our Right Match program (previously Pre-Marriage Program) was been specifically designed by Relationship Psychologist and Owner of The Hart Centre, Julie Hart, for engaged couples who want to give their marriage the best possible chance of success.

Having counselled thousands of couples in troubled marriages over 20 years, Julie and her group of 155+ relationship therapists have collectively identified the key issues and areas where you are likely to have difficulties.

The biggest of these are the assumptions and expectations that we all have but don’t talk about with each other before we commit, marry or move in together.

The next biggest factor is knowing how to openly communicate what we think and feel with each other.

And here’s the thing – not many of us have had these skills modelled to us; we just try to pick up them up on our own. So that’s where we come in to help.

We are big believers that prevention is much better than cure. So, from our decades of experience, we have identified the key issues and areas that cause the most troubles once you are married and condensed them down into our Right Match Questionnaire.

This questionnaire serves as a comprehensive blueprint, designed to help you both explore your potential hot spots, strengths and weaknesses, to give you the best chance of marriage success.


How it works:

  1. Download the questionnaire and share it with your partner, so each person has their own copy.
  2. Take some quiet time on your own to reflect on each of these aspects of your current expectations, assumptions, and future hopes and plans for you and your relationship and write your responses in the spaces provided.
  3. Once both people have completed their copy, set aside 1 hour to discuss your answers together. By the end of this conversion, you will gain more insight into your potential future together.

Remember: if any issues arise that you’d like help working through, we have a team of over 150 Hart Couples Therapists that can help.

Download The Right Match Questionnaire here 

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Our comprehensive questionnaire contains roughly 50 questions covering the key areas that cause the most issues for couples once they’re married. It is designed specifically for you to get clarity on where you both stand on the important issues – the issues that most people carry unspoken assumptions and expectations about.

If you are unable to resolve any of the issues that arise from completing the questionnaire, you are welcome to book in a couples therapy session with any of our therapists, by calling our friendly team on 1300 830 552.

The most fun, productive way to ensure your marriage will be built to last.

“Julie. I can’t thank you enough. To be honest, I got dragged along by Fiona, and didn’t think we needed it, but it gave me a chance to bring up some things that had been really bothering me, and now they are almost sorted. I would never have thought it could have been so productive. Thanks again”.  Joshua and Fiona.

“Well, your questions certainly created a few heated discussions that we hadn’t had before. But I guess it’s better out than in. Because of our discussions, we know now where our hot spots are, and are working on them. Thanks for the insight. It may have taken us years to find them out.”  Michelle and David.

“I didn’t know how much my withdrawing was creating such a communication problem in our relationship. I have always blamed Karen’s arguing. Thank you for your unbiased help and advice. So good to know before we start having kids and things really start stressing us out”  Alan and Karen.


Celebrant Resources:

Are you a celebrant? Download The Right Match Questionnaire here.

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