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Relationship Counselling Canberra

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We are Canberra’s leading couples counselling specialists

We know you have found us in what must be an incredibly difficult time. No-one looks for relationship and marriage counselling unless their relationship is in turmoil.

Relationships difficulties can negatively affect the rest of your life, and are often painful and confusing for every person involved.

For most of us, this current period we are going through is the most challenging time of our lives. We live with daily uncertainty about our health and our economic situation and none of us really knows how long it will go on for. As well as trying to adjust to managing children permanently at home, we are attempting to adapt to working from home as well; and have precious little of the fun activities that used to boost our spirits. So many of us are stressed, anxious, depressed and finding it hard to cope, and are reaching out for alcohol or other unhealthy coping strategies more and more.

All of this can culminate in pressure on us and our relationships, and as pressure builds, it can be difficult not to take it out on those around us.

If you are finding you are starting to get into arguments, or conversely feeling resentful but avoiding talking about things, please be proactive and reach out for help before it gets worse.

When our relationship isn’t going well, it can feel as though a dark cloud looms over everything else, affecting our  home life, finances, work, children, health and even our sleep.

We’ve spent the past 20+ years helping over 18,000 couples rediscover their happiness together after having lost their way, through effective relationship counselling.

Our passion is to help identify the underlying causes of your relationship distress and help you rebuild your relationship into a new and mature loving bond again.

Unfortunately, very few of us have been taught how to have a good relationship. Most of us are doing the best we know how, but lack the knowledge on how to create a better relationship.

Unhappy relationships don’t just occur suddenly, they happen slowly over time, often without either person being aware of just how bad it’s become. The marriage or partnership turns stale, uninspiring, or worse, destructive.

About The Hart Centre

We are a group of more than 135 expert relationship Psychologists, Counsellors and Sex Therapists across Australia. Our  vision is to provide the most highly regarded and comprehensive marriage counselling and relationship counselling, and sex therapy in Australia.

Our Canberra therapists Darleen, Simon, Deon and David have been hand chosen by our Director because of their knowledgecaring nature and experience in relationship and marriage counselling.

Relationship counselling is a specialised type of counselling and requires specialised training. Our psychologists all  take part in both our Initial training as well as our Yearly In-House conferences specializing in Relationship Methodologies.

Appointments with Psychologists may be eligible for Medicare & Private Health Insurance Rebates.

If you’d like to read more about us, The Hart Centre has also been featured as Relationship Experts in ABC radio, and Women’s WeeklyEssential KidsKidspotThe Courier Mail and more.

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7 relationship warning signs

  • 1You are fighting over the same issues all the time, or having escalating fights
  • 2You are not able to air your issues, talk about them and resolve them
  • There are more and more silences between you
  • You are spending less time together
  • You are thinking about developing an interest with someone outside of your relationship
  • You are focusing more time on the kids than each other
  • You are having little or no sex

Our counselling sessions
can help you

  • Not feeling connected or close anymore
  • Affairs counselling canberra
  • Imbalance of power
  • Verbal abusive
  • Poor communication
  • Feeling that you are no longer loved by your partner
  • Feeling you are being taken for granted by your partner
  • Problems from your childhood
  • Problems with parenting your children
  • Anger management problems
  • Lack of intimacy marriage counselling canberra
  • Porn addiction problems
  • How to integrate your step children and in-laws
  • Pre-marriage programs
  • Someone who has many Narcissistic traits
  • All forms of family problems
  • Relationship neglect couples therapy

The Hart approach to relationship counselling

Our relationship therapists pride themselves on taking a very positive approach to our couples counselling. Relationship Counselling Canberra

If you’ve never been to see a relationship therapist before, you may feel a little nervous. Rest assured, feeling nervous is completely natural. Your psychologist will do their best to make you feel comfortable and supported as soon you arrive for your session.

We start with talking with you as individuals to gain a full understanding of each of your perspectives. Then we move to helping you understand with compassion, the dynamics underlying your problems. With you, we create a positive action plan, so that you can feel confident that you are making real progress.

Counselling takes time and effort from both parties, and you will need more than one or two sessions, but you should see progress each session.

Read more about our approach to counselling in our relationship counselling sessions.

Some of our clinics also provide after hours and Saturday sessions for your convenience.


What happens in a counselling session?

What is our counselling success rate?

While every couple’s situation is different, feedback we have received from our clients is 93% have positively reported that they found counselling with our psychologists beneficial to their relationship.

We know that most couples want to find out the cause of their particular relationship problem, resolve them quickly, and then move onto bigger and better things, and that is what we focus on. Relationship Counselling Canberra.

Under our expert guidance, you will gain a deeper understanding of your unique relationship difficulties and are given options and actions to help you become “unstuck” and move toward your relationship potential.

How do I choose the best psychologist to help?

The choice of relationship psychologist you make is important. It can help to keep in mind that relationship, marriage and couples counselling is a very specialised field of psychology. Help with Relationship Counselling Canberra.

At The Hart Centre, we ensure that all of our specialist relationship therapists take part in both our Initial training as well as our annual In-House conferences, where we bring in relationship and marriage experts to speak, from around the world.

For you to get the best results from counselling as possible, there needs to be a combination of two elements. Firstly, the psychologist needs to be experienced and knowledgeable in the field of relationships; and secondly, a good ‘therapeutic relationship’ should be developed. This simply means that you and your partner feel supported and understood by the psychologist, and that you trust them.

To help you make this decision, on each of our psychologists’ profiles we include in-depth overviews of experience and qualifications, so you can feel comfortable with the psychologist you would be seeing, before booking an appointment.

Benefits of The Hart Centre Canberra

We pride ourselves on providing effective counselling to couples in crisis, and have been a leading psychology group for over 18+ years. We genuinely care about our clients, and are committed to continually improving.

If you’re looking for marriage counselling in Canberra, we offer the following benefits:

  • Canberra’s leading marriage & relationship psychologists and sex therapists
  • 2 convenient locations across the Canberra area
  • Quick and confidential booking process – book with one call
  • Professional psychologists and sex therapists with an average of 15+ years experience
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – rare in the counselling industry
  • Specialists in marriage counselling, relationship counselling and sex therapy – not generalists
  • Ongoing Hart training and development by world-class relationship experts
  • Appointments available during business hours, after hours and weekends
  • Rebates often available through private health
  • 93% satisfaction rating from clients


When relationship problems arise

No-on goes into a relationship planning on having problems, but when they start to go wrong, it can really impact the whole of our lives.

Many of us weren’t given a great role model for healthy relationships and this topic is not taught in schools, so most of us are trying to do our best with limited know- how on how to make our relationship better.

Most couples feel, when their relationship is struggling, that they can’t feel much of the love any more, and the connection they onced loved and valued so much, has wained. Others can feel that they have somehow lost themselves in their relationship, and don’t know who they are anymore.

And you can fall into the trap of pushing each others buttons, and not communicating in loving and effective ways,  creating a negative cycle that is very difficult to extricate yourself from.

An affair or betrayal can be devastating

When one partner chooses to look outside their relationship and develop another connection with someone, this causes a huge amount of pain for the partner whose agreement of monogamy has been betrayed.

It is an extremely difficult time, but with the help of a skilled psychologist, you can work through the issues involved and gradually, over time, grow into a better relationship than you had before.

When neither of you are listening

Most couples find over time that their communication slips and becomes a problem. Most people want to speak and be really listened to, but when you are having relationship problems, most people complain that they feel their partner is not listening.

This, in turn usually means that they, themselves don’t feel inclined to listen to the other either, and so you usually end up with a very frustating lose-lose situation where both talk and no-one listens.

So learning how to express your honest thoughts and feelings in a way that your partner does truly listen is a crucial skill to learn if you want to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship. We can show you how that is done in simple ways .

Conflict left unresolved leads to a loss of love

Every couple has conflict because we are 2 different people, but it is important to be able to resolve the conflict that comes up in a reasonable time, and not let it go on, and simmer away for years.

Doing this leads to hidden resentments, which is the primary cause of a loss of love between you over time.

How to book an appointment

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552 and our friendly receptionists will help you. Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $180 ($195 for after-hours or weekend sessions, or at any time at the CBD clinics) Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.

Here are our offices for relationship and marriage counselling Canberra:

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