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There are 7 stages we go through from the ending of one relationship to the beginning of another.

We are here to help guide you through this sometimes difficult path.

Please check out our articles on how you can navigate each stage, and don’t hesitate to call us and book in with one of our Relationship therapists near you who have trained  to assist you in each stage of the process from ending one relationship, through being single to entering a new relationship.


1. Breaking up.

How to end a relationship with consciousness and respect and with the best interests of the children.

Ending your relationship with respect and even a little kindness for each other

Important things to do for your kids when you divorce


2. Getting over your ex.

Beginning the emotional healing process. 

Managing your tumultuous emotions, and what not to do as your relationship ends

The 3 important Phases of grieving when your relationship ends


3. Learning and growing from your relationship.

Making sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. (Creating Post Traumatic GROWTH for yourself)

 Gaining insight into what has been your contributions

Identifying and managing your Inner Critic and Core Beliefs

Finding your Core wound: How you’ve been unwittingly setting yourself up to lose

Making amends with yourself and learning to love yourself

Identifying relationship skills and capacities for you to learn for next time


4. Being happy single.

Finding and reinventing yourself anew and making life rich and meaningful without a partner.

Taking deep care of yourself in all ways

Exploring and expanding your horizons and finding real joy, acceptance and fulfillment in being single


5. Becoming relationship ready.

How to improve your Relationship IQ

Determine your mate selection criteria (what you’re looking for in a new partner so that they will be a good match).

How you can tell if your new date is compatible with you.

Healthy relationship skills you are going to need eg boundary setting, understanding your own value.


6. Stepping into Dating.

Increasing your chances of finding the right partner. What to expect and do and don’t do.

How to attract the kind of person you want

Dating sites: Deciding what are the best ones for you. What to put on your profile.

Danger signs in people you date.

How to check that your potential new partner has what it takes to make a relationship work (many relationship problems stem from not having made a good selection).

Why am I still single? How to determine if you’re doing something wrong, or just haven’t met the right person yet.


7. Progressing a new date.

How to move your new relationship into a longer term stable enriching relationship.

Recognising the Stages of the development of a relationship.

3 Relationship keys: Being emotionally aware, keeping communication open and straight, and being proactive when small difficulties arise.


 8. Considering Living together or Marriage.

Pre-marriage questionnaire: Check your chances of a successful long term relationship

Often  it is difficult to do it all on your own, and you need some help to navigate some sections of this path for you. Our Hart Relationship therapists are specifically trained to help you in any of these stages and areas. Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly receptionists who can offer you the best therapist for you Phone 1300830552.

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Books We Recommend: 

Getting Past Your Breakup – Susan Elliott

Rebuilding When your Relationship Ends – Bruce Fisher and Robert Albert

Conscious Uncoupling – Katherine Woodward Thomas

Deeper Dating – Ken Page

How to be a Good Divorced Dad – Jeffery Leving

The Really Grown-ups Guide to Dating and Mating – Susan Alexander and Christina Taylor

Too Good to Leave; Too bad to stay – Mira Kirshenbaum

The Happiness Trap – Russ Harris

Relationship Value Cards – ACT Skills (determining what you’re looking for in a relationship)

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