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We are Melbourne’s leading couples counselling specialists

Helping you when your relationship is in crisis is our specialty.

Our relationships can be the most rewarding part of our lives, but there’s not a person alive who hasn’t experienced some difficulties in their relationship, and when your relationship is not going well, it can lead to much distress.

Most of us try initially to sort out our problems ourselves, but often, because we are IN our relationship, it’s not easy to take a bird’s eye view and see the whole picture; the dance that we have inadvertently got ourselves into. That’s where we can help. We can help you quickly get to the core of your issues, and get started on a resolution that will ultimately lead you back to feeling in love again.

Couples counselling is a very specialized field of therapy, and that is why we choose our therapists very carefully and also have ongoing Inhouse training regularly.

Whether there’s been a critical incident in your relationship or your discontent has grown overtime, we can help.

We’ve spent the last 20+ years helping over 18,000 couples rediscover their happiness together after having lost their way, through effective relationship counselling.

Most relationship issues can be reasonably resolved when you know how, but insight and guidance is very important.


We pride ourselves on providing the most effective counselling to couples in crisis, and have been a leading relationship counselling group for over 20+ years. We genuinely care about our clients, and are committed to continually improving.

If you’re looking for marriage counselling in Melbourne, we offer the following benefits:

  • Melbourne’s leading marriage & relationship counsellors and sex therapists
  • Convenient locations across the greater Melbourne area
  • Quick and confidential booking process – book with one call
  • Professional relationship counsellors and sex therapists with an average of 15+ years experience
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – rare in the counselling industry
  • Specialists in marriage counselling, relationship counselling and sex therapy – not generalists
  • Ongoing Hart training and development by world-class relationship experts
  • Appointments available during business hours, after hours and weekends
  • Rebates often available through private health
  • 93% satisfaction rating from clients


The Hart Centre has also been featured as Relationship Experts in ABC radio, and Women’s WeeklyEssential KidsKidspotThe Courier Mail and more. 

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7 relationship warning signs

  • The same arguments come up again and again, and seem to be getting worse
  • You’re no longer comfortable talking about your feelings or issues in the relationship
  • You barely talk anymore, and silence has become the new norm
  • It’s becoming increasingly rare for you to spend intimate time together
  • You’re considering pursuing a romantic interest outside of your relationship
  • Looking after the kids always takes priority over looking after your partner
  • Your sex life has slowed to a halt, and physical intimacy no longer feels like a priority

Our counselling sessions
can help you

  • If you’re feeling unloved and distant from your partner
  • If you or your partner has had an affair (either in-person or online)
  • If you or your partner have more power
  • If you or your partner are being controlling
  • If poor communication habits are destroying your relationship
  • If you feel like you no longer love your partner
  • If you or your partner feel neglected or taken for granted
  • If childhood issues are impacting your ability to be in a healthy relationship
  • If you’re struggling to effectively parent your children
  • If anger management issues are affecting the relationship
  • If you’re experiencing difficulties in your sex life
  • If you feel that you or your partner may have a porn addiction
  • If you’re having trouble with step children or in-laws
  • If you just want a check-up to make sure your relationship is healthy and balanced before getting married
  • If you or your partner are exhibiting narcissistic behaviour

Relationship counselling and the Hart Centre approach

Seeking couples therapy when your marriage is suffering takes courage. We understand that it may seem daunting to have to open up about your innermost thoughts and feelings to a new person. It’s important to us that all of our counsellors are compassionate, insightful and positive.

In couples therapy sessions, it is important to us that we gain a clear understanding of both of your perspectives.  From the first session our counsellors can offer you insight into the particular dynamics that are operating for you. This can give both partners a new understanding and perspective.

Your couples counsellor then works with you to create a positive action plan. The aim of this plan is to provide you with genuine progress with every session.

It’s important to remember that therapy is a process. You will most likely see positive changes in your relationship with each session, but also, it usually takes more than one or two sessions in order to fully resolve your issues and have you feeling completely in sync again. 

Read more about our approach to counselling in our relationship counselling sessionsThese sessions are suitable for couples and individuals.

Some of our clinics also provide after hours and Saturday sessions for your convenience.


What happens in a couples counselling session?

Counselling Session in Relationship

How successful is our relationship counselling?

We know how painful it is when your marriage is in trouble, so we understand that our clients usually want to process their feelings, resolve their issues and get their relationships back on track as quickly as possible.

While the problems and issues that couples go through are all different, the one thing that they have in common is that almost all of them can be managed or resolved through effective counselling. Feedback is very important to us to maintain our high standards of practice, and we’re proud that over 93% of our clients have given us positive feedback and reported that their sessions with our trained therapists have been beneficial for their relationships.

With the help of our experts, regular marriage counselling sessions will give you a clear understanding of the unique issues and challenges of your particular relationship, along with the appropriate communication tools and action strategies to become “unstuck” and realize your full potential as a couple.

How do I know which couples therapist is right for me?

Due to the intimate nature of couples counselling, and the fact that both partners need to feel safe and comfortable in order to properly participate in the therapy, it’s important to choose the right counsellor who suits your personal needs.

At the Hart Centre in Melbourne, we place a strong emphasis on ongoing professional development and training. Relationship counselling is a highly specialized field, so we make sure that every one of our therapists go through our Initial training program, and constantly expands their knowledge base by attending our Annual In-House conferences, which feature marriage & relationship experts from around the globe.

Marriage counselling can be a very rewarding experience, but the success of your sessions will mostly depend on two factors​:

  • The first is choosing a professional counsellor who has both the knowledge and experience required to help bring you and your partner closer together.
  • The second is the ability to build a positive “therapeutic relationship” with that counsellor. You need to be able to trust your therapist in order to fully open up during your sessions, and they should make you feel understood and supported.

To help you make the right choice when it comes to your therapist, we provide individual profiles for each of our Melbourne-based counsellors. These profiles contain an overview of their career experience as well as a detailed list of professional qualifications, so you can make an informed decision about who you’d like to work with before booking your appointment.

How to book an appointment

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552  or our Melbourne number (03) 9018 9567  and our friendly receptionists will help you.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins.
Cost: Ranging from $120 – $275 Private Health Insurance Rebates may apply.




At the root of nearly every common relationship problem are poor communication habits, and the most common complaint we hear from clients is that they feel as though their partner doesn’t listen to them. When you feel like your partner doesn’t listen to you, it’s difficult to feel motivated to listen to them in return. This results in recurring arguments and a general breakdown of communication in the relationship, because neither partner feels heard or understood by the other.

Being able to listen is crucial when it comes to effective communication, and because effective communication is the very foundation of a healthy relationship, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they develop the ability to truly listen to and understand one another. Once the barriers to effective communication have been removed, couples can finally free themselves from the cycle of negativity that can cripple a relationship if left unchecked.

The danger of unresolved conflict

Conflict plays a role in every relationship. Even in the strongest, most loving marriages, there are always going to be challenges and situations where love alone is not enough to get by. These are the times when some high-level assistance is required, someone to show them the way and guide them through the troubles they’re facing.

Over time, unresolved conflict turns into resentment, which can be a destructive force in relationships. These feelings of resentment, if left unchecked, can make you feel like you no longer love your partner, and no relationship can thrive under those conditions. It is so important then, that you develop the knowledge and intuition required to effectively deal with conflicts as they come up.

Have you been feeling neglected?

We live in a busy world, where every day feels like a balancing act as you carefully divide your time and attention between work, family and friends. With all of these conflicting priorities to keep track of, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of maintaining a positive and intimate connection with your partner.

If you think about it, a relationship is a lot like a living thing. When properly nourished and cared for, it will grow strong and create immense happiness for the people involved in it. On the other hand, it can also become weak and unstable if left neglected for long periods of time.

Relationships thrive on the time and energy you spend fully engaging with your partner. If you feel like your relationship is suffering from neglect, we can help you and your partner reconnect with each other and bring a new level of passion and vitality to the bond you share.

Surviving infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most painful and destructive things that can happen to a relationship, and the feelings of anger and betrayal can seem overwhelming. If you are coping with infidelity in your own relationship, we want you to know that there’s still hope.

With the help of a trusted and professional couples counsellor, you can begin the healing process and rebuild your relationship by resolving the issues that drove you and your partner apart in the first place. Through regular counselling sessions, you can not only repair the damage done to your marriage, but may be surprised to find that the experience brings your relationship to an even stronger level than it was at before.