Counselling Session Fees & Rebates

Counselling fees and rebates

Couples and Marriage Counselling, and Individual Counselling sessions are 50 mins.
Rates: Ranging from $120 – $275

It’s important to us that we can provide relationship help as affordably as possible. To help us do that, there are rebates from both public and private health insurance that you may be eligible for.

We offer therapists with a range of health funds. If you are after a rebate with a specific health fund, please let our friendly receptionists know at the time of booking.



Private health rebates should apply if you have psychology, counselling or mental health services as an extra, but we recommend that you call your insurer and check your level of cover if this is of concern to you.


Sexual therapy sessions with a registered psychologist are eligible for Medicare rebates with a mental health care plan.

Rebates may apply if you are suffering stress, anxiety, depression, anger problems or some other mental health problems, and are attending an appointment by yourself.

Relationship counselling does not qualify you for a Mental Health Care Plan. 

You will need to see your doctor about a  Mental Health Care Plan which you will bring to your Psychologist’s appointment.

Please note that this is general advice regarding the possibility of being able to use a Mental Health Care Plan, but  it is up to each individual psychologist to determine whether they will accept the use of the plan, and this will not be able to be determined until the Psychologist has sighted it.  Please contact your GP to determine your eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan.

With a Mental Health Care plan, you will be entitled to up to 10 individual sessions with your Psychologist each calendar year.

The Medicare rebate is applicable for a Registered or Clinical Psychologist, and can be processed by your Psychologist at the time of your session.

Unfortunately, it is not allowable for you to use both your private health insurance and Medicare Mental Health Care plan together for the same session.

Generally the Mental Health Care plan will provide you with a slightly higher rebate than the private health insurance, but this does depend on your Private health insurers as the rebates for psychological services do vary among private health insurers.


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