Narcissism Counselling



Narcissism Counselling

relationship counsellingAn integral part of a healthy relationship is a sense of equality and consideration and empathy for each other. In fact no relationship can feel rewarding and supportive if either partner is mostly self absorbed.

If you are in a relationship with a Narcissist, in his/her mind, you are an extension of him/her and he/she must always win, so his/her eruptions of temper and ego and devaluations and guilt are sharp and designed to cut you to the core, leaving you wounded.

So, in an overall sense, you will experience problems with his/her lack of honesty, humility and empathy for your feelings.

Also, he/she will have difficulties with intimacy with you. Honestly sharing your thoughts, feelings and desires with each other makes the Narcissist very scared and vulnerable, so he/she will avoid it.

We offer counselling for victims of narcissism, which includes all different relationship types. It can cover parents, siblings, children, friends and romantic partners.

The Hart Centre offers a counselling program for victims of narcissism to help them heal and feel more empowered within themselves to make healthy life changes.


Personal Empowerment/ Recovery Program

Our Personal Empowerment/ Recovery program involves 12 steps:

  1. Insight and a thorough understanding of the dynamics of what has been happening in your relationships.
  2. Uncover and express your feelings and have these feelings and experiences validated by someone who understands what you have been experiencing.
  3. Process these emotions and recognise these patterns from past relationships, including your parents, in order to clear them from your subconscious patterns.
  4. Discovering your genuine needs and wants as an individual and in a relationship.
  5. Be aware of your feelings and manage your emotional self on a daily basis.
  6. Learn to build healthy boundaries with others, where you care for but don’t take on emotional responsibility for anyone other than yourself.
  7. Rediscover your own intuition and trust it again, rather than your partner’s negative views of you.
  8. Encouragement to believe in yourself again and recognise your magnificence.
  9. Recognising and managing the desire to go back to the unhealthy Narcissist.
  10. Help redesign your life from the inside out, trusting in yourself and who you really are.
  11. Find the Gift in this relationship for you. How have you grown in yourself as a result of these experiences?
  12. Moving onto a new equal relationship ensuring a healthy love. Narcissist screening test, and learn the ability to recognise the difference between real love and fake or controlling love.


This Individual Program is available by our trained Psychologists in 70 locations Australia wide, either In-house, by Phone or Skype Sessions – 50 mins. This program will take from 2 to 6 sessions, depending on your needs and circumstances.


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Counselling session fees are:

In-House, by Phone or Skype – 50mins

CostRanging from $175 – $195

Phone 1300 830 552 to enquire or make an appointment.

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply (please check for details)


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