Relationship Counselling for ADHD in relationships

Medicare & Private Health Insurance rebates available for ADHD counselling

When one or both partners have ADHD, keeping a healthy relationship may be extra difficult. Communication, intimacy, sensory issues, and difficulty understanding each other can be difficult in any relationship.

Undiagnosed ADHD can make these things extra difficult, and if you know you or your partner has ADHD, learning to more easily understand each other in a relationship is crucial.

If you’re not sure and are wondering if ADHD is a part of the picture with your relationship difficulties, this blog article may help.

As we all know, relationships can be difficult and complicated at times, but when one partner has ADHD, many more difficulties usually arise. That’s because ADHD is primarily a Dopamine Deficiency difference, which impacts a person’s organisation, time management, motivation and emotions.

Being able to express your emotions and be emotionally supportive of each other is the lifeblood of a healthy relationship. This can be difficult though, if you are in a neuro-diverse marriage, and over time you can both run out of energy trying to deal with these challenges.

Please note that in terms of diagnosis, some of our psychologists offer a preliminary diagnosis of ADHD. To receive a final diagnosis for ADHD, please contact a psychiatrist specialising in ADHD.

We find many of our adult clients, particularly those whose children have had a formal diagnosis, don’t feel they need a formal diagnosis and are really after specialised help with their relationship issues that involve ADHD, and this is our area of specialty.


Counselling for couples where one or both partners have ADHD/ADD

Many of our Hart Centre therapists have trained specifically in this arena and offer counselling for couples where one or both individuals have ADHD. Therapists may offer a mix of counselling, and some specialise in various areas such as communication, desire & intimacy, self-esteem, anxiety, low libido etc.

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Desire and Intimacy Counselling:

  • Self-esteem and body image
  • Reigniting love and passion
  • Low libido
  • Different libidos
  • Maintaining desire
  • Arousal issues
  • Sexual knots

Addictions Counselling:

Trauma Counselling:

  • Sexual trauma

Relationship Counselling:

  • Communication issues
  • Understanding ADHD
  • Theory of mind difficulties
  • Rage or anger issues
  • Emotion dysregulation
  • Co-parenting
  • Transitioning issues
  • Cheating/affairs
  • Responsibilities
  • Blended family
  • Accepting diagnosis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Control issues
  • Verbal/emotional abuse


Learning about ADHD in relationships is important when one or both of you have ADHD.
Do you suspect you or your partner have ADHD, please read more below:

To enquire, or make a booking for relationship counselling for ADHD in couples, please phone 1300 830 552 and our friendly receptionists will help you.

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We have found that on most occasions our sex life and our relationships are intricately linked so having joint skills and knowledge in both fields as therapists allows us to get the the heart of any combined problem and help you create both a better sex life and better relationship when you have ADHD.

Counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: Ranging from $120 – $275

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.
(please check for details)

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