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At the Hart Centre, we are a group of expert relationship and marriage psychologists, counsellors and sex therapists, who are passionate about relationships and helping couples in crisis find their way back to happiness.

Our vision is to provide the most highly regarded and comprehensive marriage counselling, relationship counselling and sex therapy, at reasonable and affordable rates.

marriage counselling


Do you need help with:

Communication, recovering from an affair, loss of intimacy and love or power battles?

Sex Therapy

Do you need help with:

Low sexual drive, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, differing libidos or porn addiction?

Anger Management

Do you need help with:

Managing irrational outbursts, while learning to express your anger in healthy ways?


Do you need help with:

Managing narcissistic, superior, entitled, arrogant behaviour or lack of empathy?

Our Relationship Psychologists

Can help with the following common
relationship issues, and more:

  • Affairs
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Verbal abuse
  • Imbalance of power
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Poor communication
  • Loss of love
  • Relationship neglect
  • Sexual problems
  • Problems from childhood
  • Problems with parenting your children
  • Step children and in-laws
  • All forms of family problems
  • Anger management problems

Our Marriage Counselling Approach

It is an important part of our policy to take a very positive approach to our relationship counselling.  We feel it is important to really understand the problems and perspectives of each of you. We find that most couples want to make a positive action plan to find a way through their problems, to make changes which have a positive impact, and offer a real sense of hope for their relationship. Marriage Counselling.

Read more about our approach to counselling, and frequently asked questions about the counselling process.

Our Marriage Counselling Locations

We currently have marriage and relationship counselling services in:

Melbourne – 38 centres
Wodonga – 1 centre
Canberra – 3 centres
Perth – 11 centres

Brisbane – 21 centres
Gold Coast – 5 centres
Sunshine Coast – 1 centre
Townsville – 1 centre

Sydney – 24 centres
– 1 centre
Central Coast
– 3 centres
Adelaide – 5 centres

Communication is a vital skill but not often taught to us

Many people find that their ways of communicating with each other hamper them from having a happy healthy relationship.

Effective Interpersonal Communication skills are not something that most people are taught.  But almost every couple having difficulties in their relationship, feels that when they do try to communicate their thoughts and feelings, their partner is not listening. Marriage counselling therapists.

Rebates Available

You may be able to receive rebates of up to 75% of your session costs.

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We're proud to offer our 100% risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.