We help high-quality therapists grow their private practice.

At The Hart Centre we are a team of Psychologists, Counsellors and Sex Therapists who are passionate about relationships and professional excellence in our field. Established by Psychologist, Julie Hart, our counselling group are all experienced Psychologists, Counsellors and Sex Therapists. We have been in operation for 20 years and have over 130 Associates across Australia; in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Wollongong, Wodonga, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

Our mission is to be the most highly regarded relationship help service in Australia, by delivering high quality counselling, and high quality clients to our Associates.

We have our own Initial In-house relationship counselling training program annual conferences, with world class speakers (see below for our speakers) and share our huge body of resources with all our members. We are also constantly seeking best practice methodologies.

We do not operate on a franchise model, so there are no large upfront fees for new Associates who join our group. Our business model is built on a fair and transparent Win/Win/Win formula. We care about our therapists and our clients, and are always open to feedback and suggestions from our group that help improve and streamline our processes, services and conferences.

With a very high therapeutic success rate, combined with an effective marketing plan, we are experiencing huge demand and growth and are currently still expanding in Australia.

We are looking for Psychologists, Counsellors and Sex Therapists interested in relationship work, who are already in private or group practices, to join our team via our Associate Program, as an adjunct to their current practice.

You are our ideal Associate if you:

  • Are already in Private practice
  • Would like to have new client bookings made directly into your calendar
  • Would love to have a friendly collegial Australia-wide group of relationship psychologists and counsellors to network with
  • Would like to attend cutting edge in-house conferences with world class speakers
  • Would like to have access to a huge body of shared resources
  • Want to focus your time on helping people, instead of marketing and administration work

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2024 – Janina Fisher (US)
“Healing the Fragmented Selves” – Online

2023 – Stephanie Mitchell
“Introduction to Internal Family Systems”

2022 – Martha Kauppi (US)
“Desire Discrepancy: A Clinical Toolkit for Therapists”

2022 – Ari Tuckman
“ADHD in Adults and Relationships”

2022 – Hart Associate Webinar
“Clinical Excellence in Couples Therapy”

2021 – Dr Ellyn Bader (US) –
“The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
” – Online

2021 – Ross Rosenberg
“Narcissistic Partners: The 10 Stage Self-Love Recovery Program

2020 – Barry McCarthy (US) –
“Sex and Relationships” – Adelaide

2019 – Tony Attwood & Michelle Garnett –
“Aspergers Syndrome and Relationship” – Sydney

2019 – Terry Real (US) –
“Relational Life Therapy – Level 2 Training” – San Francisco

2018 – Janis Abrahms Spring (US) –
“Secrets, Cybersex, Infidelity & Forgiveness” – Hobart

2017 – Terry Real (US) –
“Couples on the Brink & Treating Narcissistic partners” – Hawaii

2016 – Robert Masters (US) –
“Transformation through Intimacy” – Gold Coast

(Your membership gives you free attendance at our conferences each year)

Benefits of joining as a Hart Associate

  • No franchising fees or large set-up costs
  • Marketing provided for you – including SEO, Ads, Google Places, Directory listing and more
  • Support of a group that care about their Associates
  • High quality clients with an average of 6 – 8 sessions per couple
  • Competitive rates – no EAP work
  • Paid for your time if client’s ‘do not attend’ their first session
  • Low cancellation and ‘no show’ rates
  • New clients booked directly into your Power Diary, Google or Halaxy calendar
  • Set your own work days and appointment times
  • Full control over your practice hours and holidays
  • The choice of various types of counselling you’d like to offer
  • Access to world-class training and resources
  • No minimum terms or lock in contracts
  • New clients regularly provided to help you build your practice, without the hassle of managing office staff, marketing, website and appointment booking.

If you have considerable experience and/or training in couples therapy, please talk to us about joining without the training component

Phone answering and Appointment Setting:

Our Head Office on the Gold Coast takes all enquiries and makes initial appointments for you directly into your calendar. An immediate email is sent to you and your new client welcoming them, and giving them all of your details.

We charge clients a non-refundable booking deposit, and cancellation fees are charged with insufficient notice, resulting in excellent attendance rates. When cancellation fees are charged, they are credited to you.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in discussing our Associate Program in more detail, please fill in the below enquiry form, or call us on 1300 830552.

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