Love and Trust: the absolute essential ingredients of relationships

Have you thought about what is the key missing ingredient for you in your relationship when you are feeling very distressed about your relationship?

From the many thousands of couples I have counselled, I have found that beneath their specific problem in their relationship, it is that they feel that their partner doesn’t love them, can’t be trusted, or isn’t there for them.

And then, over time, the emotional injuries they sustain from a lack of trust & love build a huge gulf of emotional distance between them, leading to an eventual betrayal or the gradual loss of love.

For Happy Couplesrelationship romantic couple

Happy couples, however, who experience love and trust between each other, describe the concept of “trust” as something that  creates safety, security, and openness for both of them.

Trust and love makes their relationship safe, that makes it possible for them to be vulnerable with each other, and thereby deepen their love beyond the first passionate infatuations and illusions of courtship.

As love and trust matures, these couples feel their relationship ripens to a sense of mutual nurturance and moral responsibility for building a life together.

For them, love and trust are intertwined and grows together into a lasting relationship where friendship and intimacy blossoms.  Partners accept each other despite perpetual personality issues, and romance and sexual intimacy is possible because of it.

The BIG LOVE questions

The Big Love & Trust Questions are:


-Do you really care about me/Do I really matter to you?

-Am I valued and accepted by you?

-Do you care as much about me as you do about yourself?

-Can I count on you to put me first over others in your life?


-Can I count on you to be who you say you are?

-Can I count on you to follow through on your promises?

-Can I count on you to be there for me when I need you?

LOVE and TRUST are the Bedrock Foundation of a Healthy Loving relationship.

If you are feeling these are missing ingredients in your relationship, we can help.

Both Relationship and Individual Counselling is available by our trained Psychologists in 70 locations Australia wide, either In-house, by Phone or Skype Sessions – 50 mins

Cost: $155  ($175 for after hours sessions)

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