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We know you have found us in what must be a very stressful time for you. No-one looks for relationship and marriage counselling unless their relationship is in difficulty. We're truly sorry you have had to go through such pain. Relationship counselling Sydney and Marriage Counselling Sydney.


Our primary relationship with our partner often forms the whole foundation of our life.

When things are going well, life can flow. But when it’s troubled, it can make everything else challenging too, often impacting our children, finances, home life, work, health and even sleeping at night. Psychologists for Relationship counselling Sydney.

We at the Hart Centre, have 18 years’ experience helping over 10,000 couples in crisis find their way back from a troubled relationship.

It is our passion to help identify what it causing your relationship difficulties and show you how to rebuild your relationship into a newly mature loving union again.

There are not many of us who have been shown how to have a great relationship. Mostly, we are doing the best we know how, without knowing what else to do, so it’s understandable that relationship and marriage problems can develop slowly over time, without us realizing it. Partnerships can turn stale, uninspiring, or worse, destructive.

7 signs your relationship is in trouble

  • 1. You are fighting over the same issues all the time, or having escalating fights
  • 2. You are not able to air your issues, talk about them and resolve them
  • 3. There are more and more silences between you
  • 4. You are spending less time together
  • 5. You are thinking about developing an interest with someone outside of your relationship
  • 6. You are focusing more time on the kids than each other
  • 7. You are having little or no sex

If you can identify some of these already in your relationship, it is wise to come and seek help so that your relationship doesn’t deteriorate further.

About us at the Hart Centre

We are a group of more than 70 Psychologists around Australia, and our  vision is to provide the most highly valued marriage counselling and relationship counselling, and sex therapy, at rates that are affordable.

We have hand-chosen our Sydney group of psychologists:  Leanne, Melanie, Beverley, Robyn, Jeanne, Angelica, Cherie, Deborah, Morgan, Dearne, Kellie, Cristina, Noga and Joclyn because of their compassionate nature, and their knowledge and expertise in marriage and couples counselling. Relationship counselling Syd

Relationship and couples counselling is a very specialised kind of counselling and requires specialised training. Our psychologists all  take part in both our Initial training as well as our Annual In-House conferences specializing in Relationship Methodologies.

As we are ALL PSYCHOLOGISTS, you may be eligible for Medicare & Private Health Insurance Rebates.

If you’d like to read more about us, The Hart Centre has also been featured as Relationship Experts in ABC radio,, Body and Soul,,, Australian Women’s Weekly, Essential Kids, Kidspot, The Courier Mail and more.

Appointment Details

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $175 ($190 for after-hours sessions or at any time at the CBD)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply so please ask our friendly receptionists about this.

Phone 1300 830 552 or (02) 5633 9271 to enquire or make an appointment.

Ways our Counselling can help you

 If you've lost the connection and don't feel close anymore

 If one of you have had an affair

 When one of you has more power than the other

 If you feel you are in a controlling or abusive relationship

 If you can't communicate or listen to each other

 If you feel unloved by your partner

 If you feel you are being taken for granted by your partner

 When your childhood problems are impacting your relationship

 If you are having difficulties parenting your children

 If you need help in managing  your anger

 If you are having sexual or intimacy issues

 If you find you are addicted to porn

 If you need help managing your step children or in-laws

 If you'd like to check on your relationship before you get married

 When you need help managing someone who has Narcissistic tendencies

Relationship counselling Sydney help.

Do you need Relationship or Sex Information or Advice?

For advice on any relationship or sexual problems use our Search bar at the top of the page for your topic.

If you would like to know more about the STAGES THAT RELATIONSHIPS GO THROUGH, please click here.

The Hart approach to couples counselling

At the Hart Centre we pride ourselves in taking a very positive approach to our relationship counselling.

In your first session we talk with each of you to fully understand your perspectives and where you are at.

Then we will help you understand with compassion, the dynamics that are at play that underly your problems. Then, together, we create a positive action plan, so that you can feel real hope that progress is possible. We will need more than one or two sessions  if you have had difficulties for some time, but you should see progress each session.

Read more about our approach to counselling in our relationship counselling sessions.

Some of our clinics also provide after hours and Saturday sessions for your convenience. Relationship counselling Sydney.

What is our counselling success rate?

While every couple’s situation is different, we always request feedback from our clients, and this feedback shows that 90 – 95% of our clients have found counselling with our psychologists helpful for their relationship. Relationship counselling Sydney.

We know that most couples want to find out what's happening in their relationship and be able to resolve it as quickly as possible so they can move onto bigger and better things, so that is our focus.

How do I choose the best psychologist to help us?

Choosing the right couples psychologist is an important decision for you. It can help to keep in mind that relationship counselling is a very specialised field of psychology. Help for Relationship counselling Sydney.

At The Hart Centre, we ensure that all of our specialist relationship psychologists take part in both our Initial training as well as our annual In-House conferences, where we bring in relationship and marriage experts to speak, from around the world.

For you to get the best results from your counselling, there needs to be a combination of two elements.

Firstly, the psychologist needs to be experienced and knowledgeable in the field of relationships; and secondly, a good ‘therapeutic relationship’ should be developed. This means in essence that you and your partner feel supported and understood by the psychologist, and that you trust them.

To help you make this decision, on each of our psychologists’ profiles we include in-depth overviews of experience and qualifications, so you can feel comfortable with the psychologist you will be seeing, before booking an appointment. Our receptionists can also help you decide the best fit for you if you would prefer.

Rebates Available

You may be able to receive rebates of up to 75% of your session costs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're proud to offer our 100% risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

GP Referral Info

Information for referring Doctors, GPs, and Health Professionals.

Your partner not listening to you?

Have you ever noticed that when it feels like your partner isn't listening to you, you're not very inclined to listen to him or her either. And that will usually leave you both in a lose-lose situation of neither listening, and therefore neither of you will be getting what you want from your relationship.

Being able to speak and have your partner listen and respond empathically is fundamental to a healthy relationship. We can show you how to overcome this "not-listening" pattern that can undermine all  your  communication with each other.

Have you been neglecting your relationship?

"Super busy-ness" is the norm for many people who have kids, work, family and a home to look after. In amongst all these considerations, its so easy to take for granted your relationship. But your relationship is a living  thing that needs ongoing care, in the way of time and energy in being together and fully engaging and having fun with each other.

If your relationship has ended up on the bottom of the pile of priorities, we can help you put some life, intimacy and spark  back into it.

A loss of love in a relationship can be caused by unresolved conflict

There's no couple who doesn't have some differences and conflict, because we are not clones of each other, despite how similar we might be. But it is vitally important that you know how to resolve conflict when it comes up in a reasonable time, and not let it grow over time, or even simmer away for years.

Having it simmering under the surface results in hidden resentments, which is the primary cause of the feeling of not loving your partner any more. This is crucial to prevent or to fix, if you discover this is what is happening in your relationship, if you want a lasting happy relationship.

What to do if one of you has an affair

If one of you has chosen for any reason to develop another relationship with someone outside your relationship, it can be a devastating betrayal of trust.

It is an extremely difficult time, but with the help of a skilled psychologist, you can work through the issues involved and gradually, over time, grow into a better relationship than you had before. Relationship counselling Sydney psychologists.

How to book an appointment

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552 or our Sydney number (02) 5633 9271 and our friendly receptionists will help you.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $175 ($190 for after-hours or weekend sessions, or at any time at the CBD clinics)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.
(please check for details)

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