What Happens in a Counselling Session?

If you have never been to a counselling session before, it can be a little daunting, so it might help to know that, at the Hart Centre, we have 93% of our clients tell us that their counselling experience with us has been a very helpful one for their relationship.

So, once you have made the appointment and before you come in for your first session, we suggest you take a little time individually to think about what, in your own experience, are the main issues for you. You can write them in your phone, on a note and just keep them in your head.

When you come in, your Psychologist will be looking to build a connection and rapport with both of you and will want to listen to how each of you have been feeling about your experiences in your relationship.

We are trained to be empathic and our first job is to understand the views and experience of each of you.


She or he will also ask you what you would like the outcome to be. Most people want their relationship to be better, but there are some people who don’t want to continue their relationship, and others who aren’t sure.

After each of you have had some time to share what you problems and experiences are, and towards the end of the first session, your Psychologist will summarise how each of you are feeling, and also give you further insight into what might be the underlying dynamics or patterns that you may not have been able to see.

She or he will also suggest a plan on how the therapy should go, giving you some initial suggestions on how to get started.

The following sessions are then about resolving your issues in proactive ways, giving you strategies and tools that you will practice at home, and hearing from you the next session about how they are going for you, and what is needed next for you.

We do work with the most important issues for you first and keep a balanced approach so each of you feels you are being heard and your issues attended to.

We also take a very positive approach as this is important in countering the negativity that has usually built up in your relationship before you come, and we celebrate your gains in your relationship happiness as we go along.

Many of our couples are surprised to find that through our counselling process with them, they actually develop an even better relationship than they have ever had before.

If you feel you have quite a large number of issues in your relationship, we suggest you book a separate session for each of you first, before your joint session, to give you both time to share your issues and perspectives.

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you on your journey back to love and relationship happiness.


We have locations across Australia. If you’d like to speak with an experienced relationship psychologist, please contact us or request a call back using our enquiry form.

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Types of Counselling

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