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  • Registered Counsellor Grange and Stones Corner.


    Registered Counsellor, Brisbane

    She/Her/Hers. MA Coun, MASW.

    Hart Centre Certified

    100% Trust and Satisfaction Guarantee In Relationship
    • Stones Corner, QLD
    • Grange, QLD
    Specialised Training
    • Master of Counselling, UQ
    • Master of Science in Social Work, Columbia University
    • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Levels 1 & 2 – with Dr Carolyn Russell, 48 hours
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) – BCEFT externship, 32 hrs
    • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) – with Dr Sue Johnson, 2 hrs
    • Dare to Lead (empirically based leadership & development program) – The Leadership Sphere, 24 hours
    • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence – BerkeleyX, 8 hrs
    • Relationship Counselling: Pitfalls & Antidones – PACFA, 2 hrs
    • Accredited Level 4 Fear-Less Triple P Provider (parenting program based on behavioural theory) – Triple P International, 40 hrs
    • Ecotherapy – PACFA, 3 hrs
    • Healing The Fragmented Selves: Trauma-Informed Treatment by Dr Janina Fisher
    Areas of Interest
    • Mood difficulties (e.g. depression)
    • Anxiety (general or specific)
    • Unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns
    • Grief and loss
    • Self-esteem
    • Trauma-related difficulties
    • Communication for conflict de-escalation
    • Relationship difficulties in intimate, family & workplace contexts
    • Spiritual and life direction/balance challenges
    Types of Therapy

    This Hart Therapist is an integrative therapist that pulls from a broad range of modalities to ensure therapy fits her clients, not the other way around – these include:

    • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
    • Gottman Couples Method
    • Humanistic
    • Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)
    • Narrative Therapy
    • Positive Psychology
    • Psychodynamic
    • Trauma informed
    About Therapist

    Angie is an experienced mental health professional, having worked for 20+ years in a variety of capacities focusing on human development. She believes change occurs as people experience themselves as competent and capable of finding solutions for greater control and contentment. She works to achieve this by honouring clients’ stories and struggles through curiosity and an unwavering belief that humans are inherently resourceful…but sometimes become stuck and can benefit from the support of a caring and informed mental health professional.

    Her approach to therapy orientates toward a ‘systems approach’, which focuses on the relational aspects of human problems. She has an interest in understanding the specific contexts in which difficulties occur, and layers this perspective with an integrated approach, incorporating useful elements from modalities as diverse as Gottman Couple Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

    Above all, Angie believes finding the right counsellor is critical. In fact, research indicates the factors that have the greatest impact on therapeutic outcomes are the therapeutic alliance and client readiness for change. So, while a therapeutic modality or approach is important, it makes up a very small portion of the outcome pie. This is why she heavily focuses on ensuring a sound client-therapist fit, as she wants sessions to be value-laden for clients – ensuring time, energy and money is put to good use.

    What are three strengths you have as a Psychologist/Counsellor?
    1. Awareness of unconscious bias
    2. Deep humility
    3. Balanced head and heart
    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    “I do this work because I have benefited enormously from doing personal therapy alongside supportive and knowledgeable mental health professionals. I also value connection and community. Sharing personal stories is vulnerable yet offers profound healing and a sense of connection as modern living places us a long way from fire and tribe. I find deep enrichment through collaborating with others to make sense of the world. In addition, I find humans to be fascinating. Engaging in work that explores the human mind scratches an intellectual itch and provides a sense of organising principles through which I view the world. Finally, I value working in a capacity that encourages kindness and courage – my top values – and that inspires mutual growth.”

    What’s an example of a couple you have helped the most?

    One client, who I’ll call ‘Beth, stands out as a particularly accelerated example of human growth. She arrived gripped with social anxiety underpinned by deep self-doubt and ridicule. She sought work that could be performed online (WFH) only, left her home once a week to pick up ‘click and collect’ from Coles, and chatted to her one comrade – her cat.

    Fast forward one year and she is now dating a lovely gent, just got back from a trip to the US, has joined a hiking club and has a handful of meaningful friendships. I feel a deep sense of pride in her courageous journey. Her willingness to stare her fear down and ask the tough questions that gave rise to understanding her coping mechanisms never failed to impress. She is a brave soul who has finally embraced the idea that she is a gift to the world and deserves to be in it.

    However, it’s important to note that Beth’s growth doesn’t solely result from the skills we worked on or the interpersonal trust we built, which provided space for self-exploration and, ultimately, healing. Outcome research over the past 30 years tells us that ~70% of therapeutic ‘success’ is dependent upon the client’s readiness for change. Given this, my clients deserve the lions share of the congratulatory pie as they have pre-laid the foundation for change (through owning their stuff and committing to change) prior to walking through my door. I am not the rainmaker. Rather, I think of myself as a journeyman who has the privilege to accompany my clients for a time as they courageously put one foot in front of the next.

    Parking & Accessibility

    There is free parking nearby and the clinic is wheelchair accessible.

    Or to book an appointment, please call 1300 830 552