Relationship Test: How well do you know your partner?

How well you know each other is a fundamental characteristic of how good your relationship is?

When you have a great relationship, you feel close and connected, and feel comfortable sharing with each other about yourself, knowing that you are largely accepted the way you are.

You can be yourself in the presence of your partner. Even when you don’t agree on things, you each are given the opportunity to express your views. You each give each other permission to be different without it ruining your relationship.

So, check out how well you really know each other. Once you have answered the questions, then you can check their accuracy with your partner.


1. What is your partner’s favourite meal?

2. What is the colour your partner dislikes the most?

3. What 3 things would your partner take  as essentials on a desert island?

4. What kind of home would your partner like to live in next?

5. What country would your partner most like to visit?

6. What clothes do you wear that are your partner’s favourite?

7. How happy is your partner in your relationship?

8. What would make him/her happier?

9. What would your partner do if he/she didn’t have to work?

10. What is  his/her greatest fear?

11. What does your partner dream of doing before he/she dies?

12. What does your partner worry most about?

13. What does your partner love most about you?

14. What does he/she struggle with most in his/her life?

15. What is your partners best accomplishment in his/her eyes?


>10 – Well done! You have a good relationship where you have pretty good knowledge of your partner. You generally feel close and comfortable talking together.

5 – 10 Your relationship is very average. You could do with making more time for hanging out together and talking more intimately about yourselves, and you would be surpised what a difference it would make to how close you feel.

<5 – Your relationship is in trouble. You really have lost touch with each other. You need to be prioritising spending at least half a hour each night and a full day each weekend being together without any other distractions of kids, work, computers or tv etc so you can get to know each other again before it is too late. You may also need relationship counselling to help you get your relationship back on track.

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