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Couples Therapy in Walkerville
  • Lisa

    Registered Counsellor Adelaide

    Dip of Counselling Major in Relationships, Addiction and Abuse

    Hart Centre Certified

    Lisa understands the work of therapy can feel challenging at times, and she provides compassionate guidance, gentle encouragement, and unconditional positive regard every step of the way. Her commitment is to hold a warm, safe, and judgement-free space for your personal journey of self-discovery and healing. The core of her therapeutic approach is the belief that every person has an innate capacity for growth, healing, and positive change. 

    She is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and culturally-sensitive counselling experience for all individuals. 

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  • Shelley

    Couples Therapist Adelaide

    M. Couns & Psychotherapy

    Hart Centre Certified

    Shelley is an experienced Counsellor & Psychotherapist, who left her middle management corporate life to pursue her passion. She is invested in helping couples to overcome their unconscious blocks to achieving the relationship/intimacy and connection they crave.

    She genuinely believes that nobody intentionally sabotages their relationships or wishes to cause harm to those they love. So if that is your experience, rather than feeling like a failure, (if you choose) it can be an opportunity to grow and develop the skills needed to improve the quality of your relationship.

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    Our specialty is helping heal relationships in crisis in Adelaide (see all locations).

    relationship counselling perth cityOur passion is helping you resolve the misunderstandings and problems you have and restore a loving bond.

    If you would like help to repair the inevitable difficulties that come up in most relationships, we can help you build a stronger more authentic connection.

    There is a blend of science and art in creating great relationships, and this is both our passion and specialty.

    We can give you the insight into the patterns you may inadvertently have found yourself in that have caused hurt and confusion for you, and help you discover what’s stopping you from having the relationship you’d love, so you can start taking steps towards the relationship that you want, creating an emotional safe haven for each other and a more authentic intimacy.

    We’ve spent the past 20+ years helping over 25,000 couples rediscover their happiness after having lost their way, through effective couples counselling.


    We are a team of over 150 relationship and marriage Psychologists, Counsellors, and Sex Therapists with a united passion for providing the highest-quality marriage counselling, relationship counselling, and sex therapy in the country.

    Our  Adelaide team of specialised couples’ therapists have been selected to join the Hart Centre based on their empathetic nature and their expertise of the nuances of couples counselling.

    We know how emotionally draining and disruptive life feels when your relationship is in crisis. We can help you overcome these difficulties and rediscover your love again; helping you understand, resolve, and move forward is where our professional expertise lies.

    Couples counselling is a highly specialised field that is ever evolving. To ensure you are receiving the very latest and best care, we provide ongoing yearly professional development training to our group of Hart Certified therapists in the latest world-class relationship methodologies.



    • You often feel unloved and distant from your partner
    • You or your partner has had an affair (in-person or online, physical or emotional)
    • You feel a power imbalance in the relationship
    • You or your partner are controlling
    • Poor communication or mismatched communication styles are impacting you
    • You feel you’re no longer in-love with your partner
    • You or your partner feels neglected or taken for granted
    • Childhood issues are interfering with your ability to be in a healthy relationship
    • You have mismatched parenting styles
    • If anger management issues are impacting the relationship
    • If you’re experiencing challenges in your sex life
    • If you feel you or your partner may have a porn or sex addiction
    • If you or your partner are exhibiting narcissistic behaviour traits
    • If you just want a check-up to ensure your relationship is healthy and balanced before getting married


    To inquire or book a session with us, please phone our Adelaide office on 08 6323 1910 or 1300 830 552 and our friendly receptionists will help you.

    Phone: 08 6323 1910 or 1300 830 552

    Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 8:00pm

    Directions: Walkerville, SA 5081

    Appointments with Psychologists may be eligible for Medicare & Private Health Insurance Rebates.


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