Individuals Counselling for Any Relationship Problem

Individual Counselling for Any Relationship Problem

individual counselling

Whether it is with your partner, or with a family member, or friend, sometimes it can just be you that is experiencing a problem in your relationship.

This is because relationships can become unbalanced over time; so it can be helpful to book a session on your own.

It can be a surprise to know that one person making changes CAN change the other, as changes in you automatically change the dynamic in your relationship.

We can give you insight into the particular dynamics at play in your relationship, and can show you how to balance the caring with assertiveness, so you are looking after yourself and also the relationship.

This can be a very empowering process, offering huge gains in other areas of your life.

In-House, by Phone or Skype – 50mins

CostRanging from $150 – $220

Phone 1300 830 552 to enquire or make an appointment.

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply (please check for details)

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