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    Grad Dip Psych, Post Grad Dip Psych, B Ed, Dip Teach, AMAPS

    Director of The Hart Centre

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    • Southport, Gold Coast, QLD
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    Specialised Training
    • The Hart Centre Relationship Therapy Methodologies Program created by Julie
    • Emotional Focussed Therapy. Essential Theory and Practice – Jenny Fitzgerald
    • Relationship Life Training. Level 1 and 2 – Terry Real
    • The Gottman Institute Training
    • Family Systems Theory – David Schnarch and Ellen Bader
    • Understanding the Psychology of Men – David Wexler
    • Transformations through Intimacy – Robert Masters
    • The Enneagram Training. All Levels – Don Riso and Russ Hudson
    • The Couples Conference – Los Angeles
    • Couples and Asperger’s Syndrome Counselling Skills and Strategies – Tony Attwood
    • The Psychotherapy Conference – Los Angeles
    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Russ Harris
    • Mismatched Libidos – Sandra Pertot
    • The Sexual Crucible – David Schnarch
    • Sacred Intimacy – David Deida
    • Integrating Sexual Issues into Couple Therapy – Barry McCarthy
    • Infidelity, Secrets and Cybersex- Janis Abrahams Spring
    • The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Dr Ellyn Bader
    About Julie

    Julie has been a private practicing Psychologist for 24 years and because of her great passion for relationships, she has specialised in relationship counselling for the majority of that time. Previously she worked as a Remedial Teacher for Catholic Education for 18 years.

    With her caring and compassionate nature, and unbiased and non-judgemental approach, she can give couples insight into what dynamics are operating in their relationship that are creating the difficulties, and then help with how to overcome them with strategies on how to communicate how they’re feeling, listen more effectively, and make changes to behaviours that are creating problems.

    The first session is a very important session, as a couple is often feeling very worried about their relationship and unsure about whether seeking help will resolve their problem. In the first session Julie listens very carefully to each partner and can then give some insight into why their relationship “dance” has developed the way that is has, with ideas of what strategies will help. For most couples, even though there is more work to do, they can feel that what’s happening between them is now more understandable and there is hope for the future.

    Most couples come away pleased that they have been taken this proactive step in learning more about their relationship, and how they can create more mutual happiness as well as have an active, vital and fulfilling sex life.

    Julie has helped over 3000 couples create a happier relationship over the more than 20 years she has been working in the field.

    Julie has also studied widely on Narcissism and Narcissistic traits and offers help and support to those who need support in dealing with and managing these in both themselves and their partners. She also specialises in relationships where one or both partners has Asperger’s/ ASD.

    In addition, she has worked with couples overcoming the impact of an affair, resolving long standing arguments, reconnecting after growing apart, improving their communication, reviving their sex life, managing parenting issues and issues with their extended family.

    In her Relationship studies, Julie has trained in Family Systems Theory (with David Schnarch and Ellen Badin), Emotional Focus Therapy (with Jenny Fitzgerald), the Gottman Institute, Relational Life Therapy (with Terry Real), A.C.T (with Russ Harris), the Enneagram (The Enneagram Institute, U.S with Don Riso & Russ Hudson) along with attending the Couples Conferences in the US.

    In Sexual issues Julie has trained with David Schnarch (The Sexual Crucible), David Deida (Sacred Intimacy), Barry McCarthy (Good Enough Sex Model) and Sandra Pertot (Australia’ pre-eminent Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist).

    Julie is currently not taking new clients.

    How many years counselling experience do you have?

    24 years.

    What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

    The most satisfying part of work she does is seeing a couple fall in love again, after having been at loggerheads, in distress, or distant from each other for a long time. To watch the loving and connected way they can then look at each other, listen to each other, and work co-operatively towards mutual goals makes this kind of work the most rewarding of all.

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